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The best review categories for Agway Energy Services are their customer service, rated at 4.0 out of 5, and the order experience, rated at 2.0 of 5.

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Based on RG&E Report I ended up paying more with Agway

(2 / 5)

  Agway Promised me that they can better negotiate Energy price in the market and hence my energy bill will be lesser if I switch to them. After switching to Agway, based on the report provided by RG&E my bill increased and was double in some cases.

Electricity Usage History
ReadDateReadTypekwh ESCO BilledUtility Billed [RG&E would have billed]
2018-08-16RGE328 $29.96 $16.63
2018-06-18RGE738 $76.69 $32.74
2018-04-16RGE1065$77.66 $61.94
2018-02-15RGE1190$94.08 $56.83
2017-12-18RGE1230$91.04 $55.51
2017-10-17RGE562 $40.43 $26.54

Natural Gas Usage History

ReadDateReadTypethermsESCO BilledUtility Billed [RG&E would have billed]
2018-08-16RGE 0.0 $0.00 $0.00
2018-06-18RGE 14.4 $10.56 $5.97
2018-04-16RGE 94.8 $68.86 $39.51
2018-02-15RGE 111.2$84.06 $44.83
2017-12-18RGE 90.7 $69.94 $32.03
2017-10-17RGE 8.2 $6.18 $2.27

No more Agway
October 11th, 2018

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