Who are the top rated energy companies in Maryland?

While there are lots of good companies that can supply your energy needs, we've found these suppliers consistently provide good customer service and good value to consumers.

You could spend hours digging through information, but with our ratings process and over 6000 customer reviews, you can quickly find a great rate and a quality provider.

Should I check the BBB about my energy supplier?

You can if you want, but the problem is that the BBB ratings are very local, and thus are easily affected by a few customers. Additionally, the BBB doesn't really have any expertise when it comes to evaluating the actual performance of retail energy providers. That's why we have company ratings on our website, so you can use the experience of energy experts to help find the best energy supplier.

Are there scams in the energy business?

Like any industry, there are companies who want to build long-term customers, and there are those who want to make a quick buck and don't care who they hurt. Before we present any plans to our customers, we research the company. Our management team has decades of experience in different energy sectors and states and we can quickly identify those companies who aren't interested in treating their customers well. You won't find those comapanies on OUR website!

Generally, you should avoid two things:

  1. Companies that require money (other than a deposit, if applicable) from you in order to get their service.
  2. Plans that are dramatically and impossibly lower than the rest of the industry

Should I renew my plan with my current supplier?

We generally recommend you renew with your current provider as long as these two things are true:

  1. You are satisified with the customer service you have received from that company
  2. The renewal rate they are offering is competitive with other companies with similar ratings
Just ask yourself: Has this company earned a chance to keep my business? If not, feel free to move on. Decide what plan and company works best for you and switch.

Should I file a complaint with the state if my supplier is terrible?

The first step in solving any problem with your provider is to contact them directly, and calmly explain your situation and tell them how they did not meet your expectations.

If you don't get satisfactory resoultion, then ask to speak to a supervisor. Just remember, the person you are talking to probably didn't cause the issue you are having, so give them a break and try to stay calm.

Next, we suggest you write a review here. Reputable companies monitor our reviews and may wake up and respond if they have overlooked you for some reason before.

Lastly, you always have the right file a complaint with your state regulating body. These are taken very seriously, and should not be placed for trivial reasons. Most regulators take violations by retail providers extremely seriously. However, if the state finds that the supplier did not violate any laws or regulations, you will likely be out of luck.

Where do I go to read customer reviews:

Right Here! We have over 6000 reviews from customers across the country, gathered over nearly a decade. Check the list below to find an energy supplier, and click to read their reviews. Super easy!


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