MD Gas Choice

1. What is Maryland Residential Gas Choice?

Maryland Residential Gas Choice is a program provided by the Maryland Public Service Commission (MD PSC) that allows residential utility customers to shop for and purchase natural gas from retail energy suppliers in a competitive market, instead of their traditional utility company. The goal of this program is to give customers more choice and control over their energy bills by allowing them to find an energy supplier and plan that best suits their needs.

2. How Does Maryland Residential Gas Choice Work?

Maryland Residential Gas Choice works by allowing customers to compare different energy suppliers, plan offerings, and prices before committing to a contract. Customers can also shop for green energy options, as well as other value-added services. Once they have decided on a supplier and plan, customers can sign up for service, which will go into effect on their next billing cycle.

3. What Are the Benefits of Maryland Residential Gas Choice?

There are several benefits associated with Maryland Residential Gas Choice. Customers are able to find the lowest price, a stable price over time, an opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment, as well as access to additional value-added services. There is also the ability to better control what type of energy sources are used in their home.

4. What Questions Should I Ask when Shopping for a Gas Supplier?

When shopping for a gas supplier, it??™s important to ask questions about the contracts, fees, and rate structure of each option. It??™s also important to ask about any additional services that could be added to the plan. Additionally, customers should inquire about any environmental benefits offered, such as renewable energy options, as well as any customer service policies related to the plan and its terms.

5. What Resources are Available to Help Me Shop for a Gas Supplier?

The MD PSC provides a variety of resources to help customers make an informed decision when shopping for a gas supplier. These include brochures, FAQs, glossaries, videos, and more. The MD PSC also provides information on natural gas savings tips, understanding bills, and filing complaints. Customers can also access the official gas choice shopping website of the MD PSC, which helps customers compare different suppliers and plans, and makes the switch as simple as possible.
Supplier Price
Supplier A $100/month
Supplier B $120/month
Supplier C $150/month
Supplier D $180/month
Supplier E $200/month