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In May, 2020, Titan Power and Gas officially began doing business in Ohio as CleanSky Energy. Titan Power and Gas was licensed by the Pennsylvania PUC in 2016, and operates in Ohio and New York as well. As a new market entrant Titan has positioned itself as a PA Electricity provider that features easy to understand rates. And by and large they are. Titan's Fixed rate plans found on PA Power Switch are under PP&L and PECO's Price to Compare rates. You should recognize that Titan does charge a $5.95 monthly base fee that adds .075 cents per kWh to your rate at 800kWh/ Month. At this point we have limited reviews for them and have ranked them at 2.9 stars.

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Plan Name
Monthly Recurring Charge
The 'Monthly Recurring Charge' is a fee that the provider will add to each of your bills in addition to the electricity/gas usage charges.
12 Month Fixed Rate
12 month
Fixed Rate
17.99¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge
24 Month Fixed Rate
24 month
Fixed Rate
17.99¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge

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Great Customer Service
Rovis was friendly, informative, and best of all FAST! We've had a good experience so far with Cleansky, and simply needed to renew. It's the end of the day on Friday so I really appreciated how quickly he got me through the process. Jessica S. from Seabrook TX

Joshua was very helpful to me. I needed to change the customer name to mine due to the death of my husband and also my acct. no. and he clarified what I had to do. Theresa from Camp Hill PA

Satisfied so far
Very informative Satisfied from Barberton OH

4-5 Star Reviews: 69 (36%)

Excellent SignUp Service - Excellent Price

I have chosen to work with CleanSky today to supply both my elec. and gas. I have locked in rates and the process was easy and smooth. The representative Edward was easy to communicate with and he was generous with his time as I had first only contacted CleanSky regarding elec., but he then had me look at my gas (Th) rates. I was able to lock into a rate I believe will benefit myself and my family for the next 2 yrs. I appreciate the service and assistance I was given today.

Lee G. from Silver Spring, Maryland
November 2nd, 2021

Billing & Account Management
Customer Service
Order Experience
Pricing, Plans, & Promotions
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3-4 Star Reviews: 13 (7%)


Rovis from Cleveland, OH was the customer service agent I spoke with. Very kind and informative person. Listened to everything I needed taken care of and helped explain some prior issues from earlier in the summer that had been resolved but were still showing up on my bill.

This man is dedicated to his job and helping out his customers. I hate to say it but I was that customer calling at the last minute before they closed, and he was the last service rep there till past closing time helping me out.

He got me a great renewal rate, locked me in for 6 months, reviewed my previous bill, was very informative, did everything very quickly... and the entire time was incredible.

If management is reading this, this man deserves a raise!

Christopher Albright from Middletown, Maryland
November 5th, 2021

Billing & Account Management
Customer Service
Order Experience
Pricing, Plans, & Promotions
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2-3 Star Reviews: 4 (2%)

Watch your bill

When they switch from Titan to CleanSky, things got weird.
But i also never got a notice that there was a change of hands either or what my new rates would be.
So once my term were up, they took me from 3cents to 13cents. with a $5.95 monthly fee. The new rates and monthly fee was not something they made me aware of or was noted.
You can only imagine when your supplier charges go from $111 dollars one month to $270 dollars, the reaction you will having looking at a $423 bill in total.
Obviously I immediately switch providers and within 2 months had myself back at my previous rates. But within 2 days after i filed for the switch, CleanSky called me asking me to come back. I told the rep nicely that when a company over doubles your electric bill without giving you notice then asking you to come back when you switch because of that, do you think i would want to come back? Told him that you might want your management to be aware of that because you may not want to cold call those people because you will not like the conversations you will have with them.

Ross G from Ohio
June 10th, 2021

Billing & Account Management
Customer Service
Order Experience
Pricing, Plans, & Promotions
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1-2 Star Reviews: 110 (58%)

Break in

I have surveillance cameras all over my property as well as DO NOT ENTER, NO SOLICITATION and KEEP OFF PROPERTY signs. I had THREE men walk on my property. They knocked a few times before one the men tried to wiggle my door handle. MY DOOR HANDLE. I have two LARGE dogs inside, on top of all those signs and he really tried to see if my home is unlocked? I can easily sue them and ive reported multiple complaints with law enforcement and the company. Dont recommend. sketchy.

Jay from Windsor Mill, Maryland
November 8th, 2021

Billing & Account Management
Customer Service
Order Experience
Pricing, Plans, & Promotions
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CleanSky Energy News  

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CleanSky Energy FAQs  

What is the cheapest plan that CleanSky Energy has?

The cheapest plan CleanSky Energy has is Embrace Green 12, with rates starting at 17.99. This is a 12 month plan.

Where can I order CleanSky Energy electricity?

CleanSky Energy has electricity plans in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland

Where can I order CleanSky Energy natural gas?

CleanSky Energy does not have any natural gas plans

What do customers think about CleanSky Energy?

That depends on who you ask. There will always be someone who feels wronged by a company, no matter how good they actually are. The average CleanSky Energy customer review is 2.9 / 5 stars. Keep in mind, consumers will go out of their way to complain far more often than they will to give praise.

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