What are the Best Electricity Plans for Elkton?

Delmarva SOS customers could be paying more on their electricity bills in Elkton. Don't wait, shop these low priced plans available right now!

Find the Best Rates per kWh in Elkton

Paying high Delmarva electricity in Elkton? Shop these low priced plans available right now!
Delmarva SOS customers could be missing out on the best electric rates around! Shop these electricity plans for Elkton now and save!

It’s easy to forget about energy shopping at the start of a new year. But if you don’t keep an eye out, you could be missing out on the best electric rates around. And that means you could be flying straight into high energy bills this spring. But Delmarva SOS customers can avoid high bills if they shop now. Let’s find out what are the best electricity plans for Elkton?

Compare Average Energy Usage

Looking at average monthly costs is the first step to smart energy shopping. According to the EIA, MD customers use an average of 957 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month. And that means that Delmarva’s SOS customers in Elkton current pay about $78.28 in supply charges per month. These SOS rates remain in effect until the end of May, 2022.

The best alternative plans will have lower rates, low early termination fees (ETFs), and also offer other benefits and incentives that help you save more.

Cheapest Electric Rates per kWh

NRG Home is worth checking out if you want the lowest possible rates. Their Electric Choice Plan 3 Month plan charges a 7.80 cents per kWh rate. This means an average monthly supply charge of about $74. The plan doesn’t charge any ETF, so you can cancel or switch for better deals at no cost. The only drawback is that the plan only lasts for 3 months and renews into a variable month-to-month rate. So customers should make sure to switch or cancel before the plan renews.

Best Long Term Electricity in Elkton

On the other hand, Energy Harbor may be worth checking out if you prefer long term rate stability. Their Safe Harbor 36 plan charges 9.59 cents per kWh. Because of this rate, customers can expect to pay about $91.77. Energy Harbor’s main draws include providing clean carbon-free energy to their customers. In addition, the company’s commitment to customer service has made them MD’s 2nd best reviewed energy company. Let’s not forget that this plan doesn’t have an ETF, so you can switch at no cost in the spring to shop for better deals.

Shop Affordable Energy Rates

You might also consider an 11-12 month electricity plan. These plans combine price stability and shorter length commitments.

For example, Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 11 plan charges 8.09 cents per kWh for 11 months of service. This means the average Elkton customer can expect to pay around $77 for supply charges. In addition to being cheaper than Delmarva, Direct Energy doesn’t charge any ETFs. Customers will want to take advantage and then switch or cancel, since the plan does renew into a variable month-to-month product.

On the other hand, Tomorrow Energy is worth checking out if you demand green energy in your home. Their 12 Month Fixed plan provides 12 months of renewable wind power to your home for 9.90 cents per kWh. This means an average monthly supply charge of about $94. Tomorrow Energy will also plant a tree after every 3 months of service. However, leaving the plan is not very convenient as Tomorrow Energy does charge a $75 ETF. Lastly, this plan renews into a month-to-month variable product.

Choose The Best Electricity Plans in Elkton

Delmarva’s current SOS rate only lasts until the end of May 2022. And that means you can save money right now by shopping for a new plan. Right now, Elkton customers should consider NRG Home’s Electric Choice Plan 3 Month plan for the biggest savings. Customers might also consider switching to Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 11 plan for savings that last longer.

You can read customer reviews of these and other great Maryland electricity plans when you compare rates at https://www.mdenergyratings.com.

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