Weatherize and Save with the One You Love

Weatherize your home with your Valentine and save more. Our energy saving tips make it easier to afford the perfect romantic getaway next year!

DIY Savings Can Be Romantic

Save when you Weatherize your home with your Valentine! Seal out the cold and keep your love warm!
Make you love nest warmer with your Valentine! Check out our energy tips for DIY couples to weatherize and save!

Now’s the time to make plans for Valentine’s Day. But before you book your reservations and send your best duds to the cleaners, why not consider a DIY home improvement project? Not only will you have something fun to do with your loved ones, but you’ll also make big energy saving improvements that will help you all year long! Let’s talk about why you can save when you weatherize your home with the one you love.

Why Weatherize Your Home and Save?

The Department of Energy estimates that most Americans spend nearly $2000 a year on their home energy bills. But a lot of that energy (and money) is wasted through air leaks that can make your heating and cooling less efficient. So if you weatherize your home you’ll save on your energy usage. And that means less money going to your utility bills. Better still, those savings add up over time and could help pay for a romantic summer getaway.

Weatherize And Save Projects for DIY Couples

Weatherizing your home not only makes it more energy efficient but also more comfortable. Plus, you can save even more with electricity rates. That’s why it pays for you and your loved one to team up on tackling these easy projects.

  • Inspect your home for air leaks: While a professional can catch problems that you might miss, a DIY inspection can catch spots that need air sealing. For example, dirty spots on your ceiling paint and carpet could indicate air leaks that need caulking.
  • Caulk your windows: About 25% of heating and cooling energy use is caused by heat gain and loss via window air leaks. But caulking your windows can decrease this waste and save you between 10-20% per year. And all it costs is about 2 hours of time and around $3-$30.
  • Weatherstrip your doors: Just like windows, the small gaps on your exterior doors can lead to air leaks and cause energy inefficiency. And most homes can’t afford these inefficiencies, especially with CT high But you can weatherstrip your doors for about $50-$100 per door (depending on size).
  • Go Outside And Look Around: Take time to go outside and check your home’s foundation and windows. You might spot cracks and holes that need sealing or caulk. This helps protect your home from air leaks and moisture buildup, but it can also keep varmints out! Remember, mice only need a hole as big as 1/4 of an inch to get in.
  • Check Your Pipes: While you’re busy, take a moment to check if your pipes are insulated. Because poorly insulated pipes often cause air leaks and massive energy waste. But DIY pipe insulation can save up to 4% on your energy bills every year! More importantly, they help protect from pipe bursts, which could cost thousands to repair.

Work Now To Save All Year

Weatherizing your home might not sound romantic, but it’s a great way to work together for mutual comfort. And these short and easy projects can create long-term savings that will make getaway planning more affordable. You can save even more money when you shop for the cheapest electricity rates. Remember that Potomac Edison SOS rates will be slightly higher in June before it rises by 5% in October so don’t wait. You can lock in a better long term deal at You can also count on us for all the news that could affect your energy bills.

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