Trick or Treat the Best Fixed Rate Electricity in Baltimore, MD

You don’t have to sell your soul for the best Fixed Rate Electricity in Baltimore, MD! Treat yourself to great energy prices for your home for Halloween.
It’s no trick to save money on Fixed Rate Electricity in Baltimore, MD. Treat yourself to great energy prices for your home for Halloween

Why Shop Electricity Rates at Halloween?

After ten thousand years I’m free. But why am I chilled to the bones! Of course! It’s that time of year again when all the ghouls and boils in Baltimore prepare for  cooler weather. If you’re like us, then your energy bills were hit hard by the energy demand from one of the hottest summers in recent history. But never fear, the EIA predicts lower winter energy bills this year compared to the bone-chilling prices of last year. So now’s the perfect time to treat yourself to the best fixed rate electricity plans in Maryland!

Walk with me through the discount crypt as we discover the best fixed-rate plans in Baltimore. Just do beware the skeletons, they’ve got no guts for guests.

Compare Maryland Electricity Rates That Won’t Bleed Your Wallet

Direct Energy offers the Live Brighter 12 and Live Brighter 18 plans. Both plans are great options for student renters since their terms of service don’t require termination fees if you cancel early. Live Brighter 12 charges 6.79¢ per kWh while Live Brighter 18 charges 6.89¢ per kWh. With the average Maryland home using 1005 kWh per month, this roughly equals a monthly supply charge of around $68 and $69 for 12 and 18 months of service respectively. Just be aware that the plan roles you into a monthly variable rate term when it expires unless you choose a different plan or provider.

Tomorrow Energy offers 100% green energy with its 12 month fixed plan. The plan charges 6.89¢ per kWh, or about a $70 monthly supply charge, making this a great choice for savings that also supports renewable energy. Be aware that there is a $75 termination fee and the plan renews to a monthly rate if you remain with Tomorrow Energy after the initial term.

Constellation has their 12 Month Home Power Plan and their 24 Month Home Power Plan. The 12 month Home Power Plan offers service for 6.89¢ per kWh, the 24 month Home Power Plan charges 6.99¢ per kWh. Both plans roll out to a monthly charge of about $70. While the plans do charge a $150 early termination fee, the company is highly rated by past customers.

Starion Energy rounds out our list with a great green energy plan with their EcoGreen Secure 12 plan. As the name implies, it supplies 100% green energy at 6.99¢ per kWh rate. That roughly comes to a monthly average supply charge of $70, as well. This plan is also risk-free since it has no cancellation fee, making it a great green option for student renters.

Don’t Get Spooked By BGE Electric Rates this Halloween

It’s hauntingly true that BGE’s transmission and distribution rates add up. They include a Delivery Service Customer Charge for $7.90 and a Delivery Service Charge of 0.03147 $/kWh. That means Baltimore electricity customers can pay nearly an additional $40 on their monthly bill. That’s alone should be scary enough to get you to shop for a lower Maryland electricity rate!

No Bones About These Fixed Rate Electricity Plans

Whether you’re looking to make up for the summer price hikes or want the lowest fixed rate electricity this winter, you can’t beat these low-cost energy plans. It doesn’t take guts to enjoy these savings, just ask the skeletons we passed on our way here. You can learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at

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