Simple Hacks To Cut Your Rockville Electric Bill

Dirty air filters stuff extra costs onto heating bills. Check out these 7 simple hacks to cut your winter electric bills.

Discover Tricks to Cut Electricity Bill

Simple hacks to cut your electric bill! Learn some easy steps to reduce your monthly bill in Rockville, MD.
Check out our simple 7 hacks to cut your winter-time electric bill in Rockville, MD.

Saving money during the winter isn’t easy. In Maryland, heating costs are enough to spike monthly energy bills. But there are many cheap and easy things that Rockville customers can do to save money on winter electricity. To help you out, check out these 7 simple hacks to cut your electric bills.

1) Simplest of Hacks – Pay Electric Bill on Time

This might not sound like it should be on a list of electric bill hacks. But missing your due dates can lead to small fines and late charges that can really add up. According to Maryland law, a utility can charge 1.5% of a net bill due within 20 days after it is issued. It can also tack on other charges through the next two billing intervals so long as the total late fee charges do “not exceed 5% of the original unpaid amount.”

So, just by not paying your bill on time, you can go from owing $100 to owing $105. And if you’re disconnected, you would have to pay another $35 reconnection fee to restore service.

Paying your bills on time can help cut those high MD electric bills.

2) New air filters cut electric bills

Air filters trap dust and dirt in your home HVAC system. Not only do they protect your health but they also protect your HVAc system. Some of the best can cost from $10-$20 per unit depending on the size and kind you need. Unfortunately, when they load up on dust and dirt, they can choke off air flow through your HVAC, reducing its efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, replacing dirty air filters can save you up to 15% on energy consumption. And those savings add up, especially since HVAC is over half of the energy usage in most homes.

3) Switch to money saving LED Bulbs

ENERGY STAR rated LED bulbs can last up to 25% longer. Plus these bulbs use up to 75% less energy. This makes it a lot more affordable to have outdoor lighting, especially if you want outdoor cookout parties in the spring.

4-5) Best two thermostat hacks

Setting your programmable thermostats to lower temperatures when you’re at work or asleep and then to warm up when you return can seem complicated. But you can save up to 10% on annual bills by turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day.

Some smart thermostats can even be remotely adjusted with apps, so you can heat things up on your way from work. Best of all, ENERGY STAR models often track usage to help you monitor how you save energy.

6) Shower Better, Lower Electric Bills

Showering is an important but potentially costly part of your day. By changing your showerheads with WaterSense brands, you can save up to $70 per year. You could even save dollars every month by taking shorter showers. Since showers account for 17% of water usage for most homes and it takes energy to heat up the water.

7) Cut electric bills with weatherstripping hacks

Your home loses a little heat every time you open your exterior doors. In addition, drafty windows, door jambs, and other problems let in cold, moist air that cuts your home’s heating efficiency. Your furnace will run longer to make up the difference.

But weatherstripping your home can reduce those leaks. Costs are low, depending on what you do, but these hacks can make a huge dent in your electric bills and comfort.

Choose best electric bill cutting hacks

Winter is one of the most expensive times of the year for Rockville customers. But small these changes to your home and lifestyle can create huge electric bill savings. Best of all, there are plenty of ways to save that we talk about here at

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