Shop These Short Term Electricity Rates In Frederick

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You don't have to pay high Potomac Edison prices this summer. Shop short term electricity plans right now!
Don’t let high Potomac Edison prices burn a hole in your wallet this summer. You can save money all year if you these shop short term electricity plans right now!

Shop Best Electricity Rates

Right now, the hot summer is hiking power prices across MD. Cooling costs alone are paving the way for high MD electiriicty bills. costing Potomac Let’s not forget that we’re just months away from a rate hike. But Frederick customers have options that can save them money if they switch. Now’s the time to shop these short term electricity rates in Frederick.

Understand Potomac Edison Rates 2021

First off, all Potomac Edison customers must pay .0396 cents per kWh for a transmission charge. But because you want the best deals, you need to understand Potomac Edison’s standard offer service pricing. Right now, Potomac Edison charges an electric supply charge of 6.588 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This rate dips to 6.531 cents per kWh from October 1 to May 31, 2022. This means that customers would pay around $9.50 a year to power energy-efficient refrigerators. But you can save when you shop these short term electricity rates that beat Potomac Edison.

Cheapest MD electric rates

NRG Home may be a great option if you are looking for the cheapest electricity around. Their Electric Choice Plan 3 Month plan is a great trial that only charges 5.80 cents per kWh. This rate means spending only about $8.70 to power an energy-efficient refrigerator for a year. In addition, customers can take advantage of NRG Home’s cash back program. Best of all, customers can cancel or switch at any time because the plan has no early termination fee. Just be sure that you do cancel or switch, because the contract summary explains that the plan renews into a month-to-month variable rate.

Great MD Electric Rates per kWh

You might also consider these Public Power plans, especially if you are a frequent shopper:

In comparison, these plans mean an annual cost of about $10.18 and $10.33 respectively to power an energy-efficient refrigerator. However, both have no early termination fee and customers can also enjoy their Power Perks program. And though these plans have rates that are higher than Potomac Edison, this program offers shopping discounts and cash back deals.

Best of all, the company has been rated in the top 10 of energy companies in MD because of their commitment to high-quality customer service.

Choose Best Electric Rates 2021

Shopping for the best electric rates is a snap if you consider your home’s needs and understand Potomac Edison’s standard offer service price. If you want the best savings when you shop short term electricity rates, you can’t go wrong with NRG Home’s Electric Choice Plan 3 Month plan. If you are a frequent shopper that wants the best discounts, then you should consider Public Power’s 5 Month Fixed plan.

You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates, plans, and provider reviews at

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