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Maryland Energy customers in Baltimore will be defaulted to BGE on November 1. Avoid paying higher rates by locking in the best low rates!
Maryland Energy customers in Baltimore will be defaulted to BGE on November 1. Avoid paying higher rates by locking in the best low rates! Switch today!

Maryland Energy Customers Should Switch Now!

Maryland Energy has announced that they will discontinue participation in the Maryland choice program effective November 1. Current customers will revert to BGE services unless they switch to a new supplier before that date. With BGE’s generation supply rates increasing on November 1, now is the time Maryland Energy customers to shop for the best 2019 electric rates.

Best Electricity Rates for Maryland Energy Customers

Customers shopping the best energy companies need to consider what their best energy options are by knowing their monthly usage. In Maryland, the average monthly residential electricity usage is about 940 kWh. With this, you can compare the approximate monthly supply charge for each plan.

Direct Energy tops our list with their Live Brighter 12 plan that has a supply charge of only 6.59¢ per kWh. Considering the average, your monthly supply charge under this plan would be about $62.00.

Constellation provides a great alternative with their 12 Month Home Power Plan. This plan charges a rate of 6.89¢ per kWh which adds up to a supply charge around $65.00.

Starion Energy rounds out our list with their EcoGreen Secure 12 plan that charges a rate of 6.99¢ per kWh. The average monthly supply charge for this plan would be approximately $65.70.

Compare Best Maryland Energy Suppliers

While Direct Energy appears to  be the clear best choice, each plans has its own advantages. Things like customer reviews and feedback help other customers compare factors such as customer service, terms and conditions, and the type of energy source. All these help customers choose the electricity plan that’s right for them.

Constellation tops our list with an average score of 4.3 stars. Customers are happy about the supplier’s features that include weekly energy usage emails. Their terms of service offers a 90 day guarantee period, where you can cancel the plan without incurring the $150 early termination fee.

Direct Energy follows close behind with an average 3.8 star score. Customers enjoy speaking with their knowledgeable customer service staff as well as the great rates that the supplier offers. New users of the Live Brighter 12 plan will enjoy the complete lack of termination fees since it’s a risk-free choice. Just be aware of their terms and conditions explaining that after the 12 month contract, your plan will automatically renew to a month-to-month plan. Customers are alerted 30 days ahead of time to either choose a new plan or switch to a new provider.

Starion Energy has an average of 3 stars. Their mixed reviews mention variable rates as well as fast and easy plan sign-ups and customer service. Their EcoGreen Secure 12 plan is the most affordable Green plan on our list. Just be aware that their terms and conditions mention that if you remain with the company after the initial contract, your plan will change to a month-to-month variable rate. Starion sends out notifications 45 days in advance for customers to either choose a new plan or switch to a new provider.

Shop the Best Energy Suppliers in Maryland!

Remember, if you’re a Maryland Energy customer, you have until November 1 to avoid reverting to BGE service and their higher rate. So take advantage of these great providers and shop for the best electricity rates in Baltimore, MD. You can save money with fixed 12 month rates and still get great plans and service. You can learn more by checking out

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