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Pepco customers in Rockville, MD, will be be astounded and amazed! Yes, you can still save money when you shop long term electric plans!
Pepco customers in Rockville, MD, will be be astounded and amazed! Yes, you can still save money when you shop long term electric plans!

Shop for Electricity Maryland Rates

It’s never a bad time to check out power plans from the best energy companies in Maryland. That’s because no one can predict whether our already high Maryland electric bills will get better or worst in the months to come. But savvy energy shoppers can give themselves predictable pricing when they shop long term electric rates in town.

Compare Pepco Electric Rates

Smart shopping begins by knowing the current and upcoming price to compare (PTC). Pepco’s current ptc is 8.35 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) from now until May 31, 2021. The price will drop to 7.69 cents per kWh from June 1 through September 30, 2021. Pepco plans to announce the October 2021 – May 2022 rates by the end of May, this year.

Let’s assume you own an energy-efficient refrigerator that could run for a year using 169 kWh of energy. Pepco’s pricing would cost you about $9.03 to power that refrigerator from now until September 30 of this year. But if you shop the following long term electric plans, you’ll find they offer better pricing plus rewards or incentives that really add extra value.

Best Maryland Electric Rates per kWh

Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 24 plan offers  customers the best pricing of all the plans. Energy Harbor brings power to customers for 24 months for the low price of 7.39 cents per kWh. This pricing beats the known Pepco pricing before and after the June price drop. With this rate, you could power that energy-efficient refrigerator for an entire year for only about $12.50.  Customers are also free to cancel or switch at any time, since Energy Harbor does not charge an early termination fee.

Compare Constellation and Pepco Customer Service

Constellation has two plans for Pepco customers that shop long term electric plans.

Their 24 Month Home Power Plan provides customers 24 months of power for 7.49 cents per kWh. This rate could power an energy-efficient refrigerator for about $12.65 per year. What makes this plan stand out is Constellation’s refer-a-friend program that can earn you and your friend $50 gift cards per sign-up. The company also sends out weekly energy usage emails to help you monitor your power.

Constellation has also rolled out a fairly new 24 Month Electricity Powerplug plan. This plan also has a 7.49 cents per kWh rate that also comes with a free monitoring smart plug for your home. The plug allows you to monitor your usage directly with a cellphone app so you don’t have to wait for the weekly emails. Customers will also benefit from their refer-a-friend program and weekly emails.

Compare Risk-Free Maryland Electric Rates

Major Energy also offers Rockville customers two plans. The first has a rate of 7.89 cents per kWh for 24 months of service on their Secure Choice 24 plan. This could power an energy-efficient fridge for about $13.33 for an entire year. The second is their   Secure Green Choice 24 plan that brings renewable energy to customers for 8.09 cents per kWh.

Major Energy has been rated in the top ten of Maryland’s energy companies due in part to their high-quality customer service. These two plans are also risk-free alternatives to Pepco, as neither plan charges an early termination fee.

Shop The Long Term Electric Plan That’s Best for You

These plans are all excellent long term options for Rockville customers. While these plans all have benefits that are worth consideration, Energy Harbor is the best alternative to Pepco at this time. The Safe Harbor 24 plan is not only better than Pepco’s current known pricing. It also has no early termination fee, giving customers the power to switch at no cost if for the better deals that may come later this year.

You can learn more about saving money when you shop long term electric plans, compare rates, and read provider reviews at

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