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Cold weather and rising natural gas prices may drive up electricity rates in Hagerstown. Shop the best electric rates now to lock in future savings.
Potomac Edison customers could face paying higher rates, higher usage, and much higher monthly bills this summer. Shop Hagerstown best electric rates now to lock in your savings.

Why Shop for Maryland Electricity Providers

Hagerstown customers might be recovering from Valentine’s Day fun, but they can’t afford to stop shopping for the best electricity rates. While Hagerstown best electric fixed rates may be low now, the EIA suggests that we might see higher prices and usage in the near future, especially after the recent cold snap. Potomac Edison customers should shop now to prepare for potential price hikes.

Watch Out for Rising Electric Rates

From October 1, 2020 until May 31, of this year, Potomac Edison’s SOS rates stand at 5.62 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This rate means that it would cost 91 cents a month to power an energy efficient refrigerator that uses 195 kWh of energy annually. This rate will change in July and will likely rise, according to EIA energy outlook predictions.

While natural gas drives over half of electric generators, natural gas production is falling. EIA reports that prices along the U.S. east coast are rising because of the cold temperatures and snow. Bloomberg Energy shows that from January 27 to February 17, natural gas prices jumped from $2.71 per mmBTU to $3.28 per mmBTU. Not only are natural gas supplies being consumed more quickly for heat but electricity generators will also face paying more to produce energy. So, electricity rates will likely increase. Add to this that more people are working from home than last year and it’s certain that most consumers will face paying higher rates, higher usage, and much higher monthly bills.

If you’re facing high energy bills in Hagerstown then shop these best electric rates now and lock in savings for the future!

Compare and Shop Electric Rates

Constellation provides a host of features that may interest Hagerstown customers. Their 6 Month Home Power Plan provides energy for 6 months at a 6.29 cents per kWh rate. This can power an energy-efficient refrigerator for just over $1 a month. Customers and their friends can offset costs by taking advantage of the $50 gift cards available through Constellation’s refer-a-friend program. Weekly energy usage emails can help you save energy by pointing out excess usage early in the month before it racks up your bill.

Energy Harbor may be of interest to customers who demand clean energy in their homes. Their Safe Harbor 6 plan charges 6.69 cents per kWh for 6 months. Besides providing renewable energy to Hagerstown homes, the company has consistently rated as one of the best energy companies in Maryland, due to fast and reliable customer service. Customers can also cancel or switch at any time since Energy Harbor does not charge an early termination fee.

The Direct Energy Live Brighter 10 plan offers 10 months of energy for 6.99 cents per kWh. This would power an energy-efficient refrigerator for about $1.13 a month. Customers can switch or cancel at any time since the plan has no early termination fee. Plus, Direct Energy’s  refer-a-friend program gives you a $50 prepaid gift card for every referred sign-up.

Choosing  Hagerstown Best Electric Rates

While Hagerstown recovers from Valentine’s Day celebrations, it’s still a great time to consider electric rates. A cold winter and increased work-from-home will likely raise SoS rates for the summer. Choosing the best short term plan really depends on the value they can provide for your household. Constellation and Direct Energy plans are ideal for customers who can benefit from refer-a-friend programs. Alternatively, Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 6 plan is ideal if you want renewable energy and highly-ranked customer service.

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