Shop Best Fixed Rates For Capitol Heights “Abbey”

Don't be fooled by other offers. Shop these April fixed rates for your Capitol Heights electricity!
Holdimayo bravely shopped April fixed rates to find a cheaper electricity rate for the Capitol Heights Abbey. Learn how you can save on electric plans, too!
For some April Fool’s fun, join the intrepid Holdimayo on his quest to find the best April fixed rates to help his friends at Capitol Heights “Abbey”.

Fearlessly shop best fixed rate electricity

Winter had been especially harsh for the good folk of the Capitol Heights Abbey. Mice, moles, and even hares were stuck with freezing temperatures and spikes in electricity rates. But Holdimayo was determined to find the best electricity rates. He put on his warmest coat and headed out on his quest to find the best April fixed rates in Capitol Heights.

Heroically consider Capitol Heights energy usage

Holdimayo considered the best way to shop as he traveled to visit the river moles. Because careful shopping required thinking beyond the nettle spanakopita he’d enjoy when he got back home. He had been taught that a smart shopper always compares rates to expected energy usage for a strong estimate.

He knew his energy-efficient dishwasher used about 120 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per year. And that was a safe estimate for his shopping.

Quest for cheap April fixed rates

Once at the river, Holdimayo found the river moles hard at work repairing their boats. He asked them what they wanted out of a third-party energy plan. And they all agreed that they would only accept the cheapest plans around. And that’s why they were checking out NRG Home’s Electric Choice Plan 12 Month plan.

The plan charged 9.90 cents per kWh. Which meant paying about $11.88 per year to power a dishwasher. In addition, the plan had no early termination fee (ETF). So he could cancel or switch for better deals that might show up.

The brave and thorough energy shopper took down some notes, then turned to visit the hares in the field.

No hare-brained green plans

Holdimayo asked the hares what mattered to them for electricity plan shopping. And the hares decided that they would only choose plans providing renewable energy for their dens. And they had a couple in mind.

First they considered Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan. This plan charges 10.69 cents per kWh for 100% wind generated power. And this rate could power a dishwasher for about $12.82 per year. Best of all, Tomorrow Energy, plants a tree after every three months of service.

On the other hand, some preferred Cleansky Energy’s Embrace Green 12 plan. This company offered 100% renewable power for 10.99 cents per kWh. This plan could power a dishwasher for about $13.18 per year. The Cleansky Energy rewards program is the main draw to this plan. This program gives shopping and dining discounts. In addition, customers can enter daily gift card giveaways.

Holdimayo thanked the hares then turned to head home.

Best rated electric company

On the way back home, Holdimayo bumped into an old friend from the abbey. The old mouse explained he favored strong customer service when he shopped for better electricity deals. So he recommended Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 12 plan. This plan came from one of the best rated energy companies in MD. It charges 11.39 cents per kWh, which averages to an annual cost of $13.66 to power a dishwasher. In addition, Energy Harbor doesn’t charge an ETF, so customers are free to switch for better deals.

Satisfied, Holdimayo made his way home, eager to enjoy the nettle spanakopita awaiting him.

Choose best fixed rates

When Holdimayo returned to Capitol Heights Abbey, he considered his choices on 12-month fixed rates. He decided that NRG Home’s Electric Choice Plan 12 Month plan was the best option for bottom line value. But agreed with the hares that Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan is worth considering for renewable power.

You can read customer reviews of these and other great Maryland electricity plans when you compare rates at

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