Save More With 12 Month Electricity In Rockville

Covid restrictions are coming down but PEPCO rates are rising! Discover how you can save more with 12 month electricity in Rockville.
Covid restrictions are coming down but PEPCO rates are rising! Lock in a cheap 12 month electricity rate and start saving on your Rockville electric bills!

Shop Ahead Better Electric Rates

Don’t let the summer heat get in the way of your energy shopping. This coming winter could see high MD electricity bills after PEPCO’s upcoming rate hike. But you have options to help you cut energy costs. Discover how you can save more with 12 month electricity in Rockville.

Compare PEPCO Rate Increase

Smart energy shopping starts with current and upcoming utility electricity rates. From October 1 2021 to May 31 2022, PEPCO’s standard offer service rate rises to 8.12 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). On average, a Maryland consumer uses about 975 kWh per month. Therefore, Rockville customers can expect to pay around $79 per month for their energy supply. Of course, you could save more with these plans that offer long-term pricing and incentives to customers.

Cheapest Green Electric Rates

Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan is a great choice if you want renewable energy in your home. The 7.67 cents per kWh rate beats PEPCO’s October rate. The monthly supply charge equals about $74. In addition, Tomorrow Energy customers get to do their part to preserve the environment. Lastly, be sure to note that the plan renews into a month-to-month variable rate. Customers should respond to the company’s renewal notices and either cancel or switch to avoid this.

Shop Best Electric Rates

Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 12 plan offers 12 months of service for 7.89 cents per kWh with no early termination fee. This rate equals a monthly supply charge of about $76 per month or $3 less than PEPCO’s October rates.  In addition to these possible savings, Energy Harbor customers also appreciate the company’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction. In fact, this energy company ranks in the top three of best companies in MD.

Energy Harbor will send notice explaining new rates and terms before the plan renews.

Saving Energy on Cheap Electric Rates

Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan charges 8.19 cents per kWh. Though this rate equals the same PEPCO monthly charge of about $79,  Constellation adds value with weekly energy usage emails. Customers can use this free energy monitoring to help meet their energy saving goals. Best of all, customers can also earn $50 gift cards with their refer-a-friend program.

Choose the Best 12 Month Electricity Plans

Great energy shoppers always want to save money with these best 12 month electricity deals. With the October PEPCO price hike on the way, now’s the best time to shop for the best electric rates. If you want the best deal, then you should consider Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan. Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan is a great option if you want to save energy and take advantage of customer programs.

You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates, plans, and provider reviews at

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