Month-To-Month Or 6 Month Electricity In Rockville, MD?

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Short term plans can get you to the cheap shoulder months when you can commit to a long term plan. Cut the long term costs of your electric bill in Rockville, MD!
Short term plans can get you to the cheap shoulder months when you can commit to a long term plan. Cut the long term costs of your electric bill in Rockville, MD!

Explore Maryland Rates per kWh

When Rockville residents take the time to make their resolutions for the new year, they should make sure to plan how they can save more money on their high bills electric bills than they did in 2019. Most shoppers simply search for the best electricity rates in Rockville, MD. But is searching for the lowest rates from Maryland electric companies the best way to save money for the next few months?

Have you considered whether a month-to-month plan is better than a 6-month plan? Assuming you’re using the EIA estimated average of 1,005 kWh of Maryland electricity, both options may help you save money during the colder parts of winter and carry you through to spring shoulder month pricing. But exploring the best rates means digging a little deeper. So let’s look at some of the best options in Rockville, Maryland.

Cheapest 6-month cost of Electricity in Rockville

APG&E offers TrueSimple 6, a 6-month plan that is a great ‘try-out’ option for new customers. The plan has a generation charge rate of 7.86¢ per kWh which, considering the EIA estimate, means the average generation charge is about $78.99. This 6-month rate is the lowest available in Rockville and grants access to the APG&E Referral Program and app. Their program grants a $50 referral bonus for everyone you help sign up. Plus, there’s a $100 bonus after ten successful referrals. Every successful referral pays most of the generation charge for an average month!

Best Maryland Electricity Provider

Constellation is the top-rated energy company in Maryland with an incredible 4.3-star customer rating. Not only do they offer stellar customer service, but they also offer an excellent 6-month electric option with their 6 Month Home Power Plan which charges a competitive rate of 8.09¢ per kWh. This competitive priced plan gives you tons of convenience and customer-friendly extras including weekly energy usage reports in your email and access to their refer-a-friend program that grants $50 reward cards per referral with an annual maximum of $575.

Risk-free electricity rates

Xoom Energy offers SimpleFlex, a month-to-month plan with a rate of 8.49¢ per kWh (an average monthly generation charge of about $85.32). According to the contract summary, this low rate only lasts for four months before transferring to a monthly variable rate. Afterwards, the rate can get very expensive and hard to predict. In spite of that, it still may be worth considering since it is the most risk-free option. As with all month-to-month plans, the plan has no cancellation fee to worry. The plan does connect you to the Xoom Energy Rewards program that may give you shopping, dining, and travel savings as well as a chance to win rewards cards.

Choosing the right electric plan for you

 If you missed shoulder month pricing in the fall, you can still save on your electricity rates this winter. APG&E’s TrueSimple 6 plan offers the lowest rates and a great referral program. Constellations 6 Month Home Power Plan offers highly-rated customer service, competitive pricing, and a competitive referral program. Xoom Energy’s SimpleFlex is a month-to-month option that’s worth considering as long as you cancel or switch the plan within four months. You can learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at

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