MD PSC To Target Deceptive Marketers

The MD PSC is getting tough on deceptive energy marketers trying to scammer Maryland electricity customers. Find out what you need to know to protect yourself!

PSC Stands Against Deceptive Marketers

Deceptive marketers are scamming Maryland electricity customers and the MD PSC is going after them. Find out what to watch for and how to report them.
Deceptive marketers are scamming Maryland electricity customers in record numbers. Help the MD PSC stop them. Find out what you to know what to look out for and how to report it.

Maryland electricity customers have been filing more complaints against deceptive marketers. Fraudulent companies use sneaky tricks to fool customers into pricey electricity contracts. As complaints pile high, the MD Public Service Commission (PSC) has begun targeting deceptive marketers.

What Deceptive Marketers Do

According to filed complaints, some energy marketing companies mislead shoppers into bad energy plans. These fraudulent plans can lead to massive electricity bills or plans with hefty cancellation fees and poor customer service.

In spite of past enforcement efforts, a near-record high number of supplier complaints were sent to the PSC in January. So outraged was MD PSC chairman, Jason Stanek, that he compared past efforts to cleaning a cesspool with a teaspoon.

Many of these offers come through mailers. And many of these mailers have sneaky tricks even before you open the letter. For example, a mailer might claim to be an important notice from a utility, with threatening font that’s larger than the company name. In other words, they try to seem legitimate and urgent to coerce bad decisions. And for that reason, this kind of stuff is fraud. As such, tricks like these are against Maryland state law and PSC customer protection rules.

What MD PSC Will Do

The MD PSC has launched a “maximum enforcement” campaign against these fraudulent companies. The campaign commenced on February 1 and will last for at least six months. During the campaign, the MD PSC will dedicate resources to investigate retail suppliers. They will then prosecute any retail suppliers found guilty of fraud.

While the MD PSC is optimistic, they know it will be easier with help. So, they have asked for support from utilities, and upstanding energy companies. They have also asked companies to self report any violations in writing, Because while doing so doesn’t provide amnesty, penalties will be more severe for violations that aren’t self-reported.

Watch Out For Deceptive Marketers

What can you do to stay safe from deceptive marketers? It starts by shopping only from the best energy suppliers in MD. These are the companies that provide clear Terms of Service and accurate information. But even then, be absolutely sure to read any materials you receive. Don’t let big bold words like “Urgent” or “Final Notice” trick you into making a hasty decision.

But if you have concerns or feel you have been defrauded, then file a complaint with the MD PSC. They can give you the best info on your options, plus it will help with their campaign.

MD PSC And Retail Choice

Fraudulent companies are letting greed ruin retail choice. But the MD PSC is making a hard stance against deceptive marketing. And this can only help customers shop smart and shop safe.

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