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Shop MD provider fixed rates now!  Those SOS rate hikes hit June 1!
Those SOS rates increase on June 1! It might not be the last time. Learn why you should shop MD provider plans now to lock in a low fixed rate.

Times have been tough for MD residents. Especially now that there are signs of rising home energy costs. And with summer right around the corner, that means a potential spike in electricity rates. That’s why it’s smart to start shopping for the best MD electric provider, plans and rates on the market. Let’s check out NRG Home, our June energy provider of the month.

Why Shop Electricity Rates

If you live in the Potomac Edison service area, residential standard offer service (SOS) rates are changing. Prices will see a small dip to 6.369 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) from June 1 through the end of September. But, from October 1 to May 31, 2023 rates will increase to 6.714 cents per kWh! While these rates are low now, other factors could mean price spikes in the future.

For example, Maryland will likely see hot and rainy summer temperatures. Hot and muggy weather will likely raise the demand for cooling demand and increase both bills and electric rates. Already, the latest Natural Gas Weekly notes that “Prices along the Gulf Coast rise as temperatures remain above normal”.

Also consider that 38% of U.S. electricity comes from natural gas. Currently, low natural gas production can’t keep up meet current generator demands. So, Maryland electricity prices are rising.

This means that today’s electricity rates deals may not stick around long. So we have to rush to save the most possible money.

Consider These MD Provider Electricity Rates

Though Potomac Edison rates are low for the moment, fixed rates are all about finding the best possible savings. To woo customers, some providers goes the extra mile and offer huge benefits. And NRG Home certainly delivers.

Customer reviews report excellent customer service from NRG Home. Most notable, the phone representatives are quick to offer assistance and are also upfront and knowledgeable. Many reviews also talk about how NRG Home offers some of the lowest short-term electricity rates. Finally, this company offers a handful of valuable cash back deals that add value to your subscription.

Best Provider Electricity Plan

Right now, NRG Home’s best rates come from their 3 Month Electric Choice Plan. This plan offers 3 months of power for 6.20 cents per kWh, which is still less than Potomac Edison’s summer rates. In addition, customers could earn $50 cash back after 2 months of service. Plus, they receive an additional $25 cash-back if they also add a natural gas account.

One important detail to note after this three month plan expires, it will renew into a variable monthly rate. So we advise cancelling or switching when the expiration notice arrives. Also, the plan has no early termination fee, so you can cancel or switch anytime at no extra cost. Which is great if you stay long enough to receive the cashback benefits.

Choose Best MD Provider Plan For You

NRG Home is worth checking out this June. Their short-term rates will save you a little money. Also, you can earn back some cash for just in time for August or September if you subscribe in June.

You can also learn more about other ways of saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at

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