Maryland SOS Electricity Rates Fall 12%

With the new Maryland SOS kWh rate taking effect in March, how can you save money to afford a romantic weekend? You'll love what we've discovered how you can save on your electricity!
With the new Maryland SOS kWh rate taking effect in March, how can you save money to afford a romantic weekend? You’ll love what we’ve discovered how you can save on your electricity!

Find the Best MD Electricity Rates

If you’re like many MD residents, your energy budget has affected your Valentine’s Day plans. It can be frustrating when winter spending cuts into your fancy dinner or romantic getaway plans. But now that the Maryland residential SOS kWh rate if falling from 5.216¢ to 4.926¢, you could have the extra money you need for the romantic getaway you want.

According to the EIA 2018 Average Monthly Bill report, Maryland customers consume a monthly average of 1,005 kWh of energy. That’s an average supply charge of about $52.42 (summer to fall, 2019) versus roughly $49.50 this year.

But why do we have these price drops and how can you take advantage of some of the lowest electricity rates of the past few years? Read on to find out!

Maryland Electric Rates Per KWh

Unless you subscribe to cheap service plans from the best electricity companies, Your local Maryland utility’s kWh rate can cause sharp increases in your power bill. That’s why fixed rate plans are the way to go, especially since we are in a period of surplus that has led natural gas prices to fall below $2. Because natural gas now powers most power plants in the U.S., lower gas prices mean better electricity rates. Lower electricity rates force Maryland electricity suppliers to compete for your business. This follows a trend that savvy energy shoppers saw coming during last year’s wholesale electricity price drops.

But why switch to an energy provider if the SOS is lower than normal? The answer comes from the benefits and rates that are available right now.

Maryland Electric Rates & Suppliers

Maryland  retail electricity suppliers could be offering plans with a lower kWh rate than either the current or upcoming SOS. If you want to enjoy the same power for your home at lower costs, these plans are easy to recommend. Even when top-rated energy companies fall short of the SOS, they often offer benefits and incentives that more than make up the cost. These include 100% renewable energy with plans from Tomorrow Energy or the excellent Refer a Friend program from Constellation. Let’s not forget that some electricity companies, including Spark Energy, even offer rewards programs that offer shopping, dining, and travel discounts, which are always handy for Valentine’s Day planning.

Whether you are looking for low pricing, green energy, or shopping benefits, the gas price drop and 12% MD SOS decrease both make now the time to start shopping for better electricity plans.

Shop Now for the Best Maryland kWh Rates

While there’s still plenty of winter left to go, the current gas surplus is bringing down energy rates anyway. With cheap natural gas cutting energy rates and shoulder month pricing on the way, waiting for the best Maryland electricity rates seems the right strategy to grab increased savings. Of course, MD residents that need better pricing now may want to take advantage sooner than later.

Any energy shopping strategy you choose should give you better savings and more money for your Valentine’s day planning. Learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at

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