Maryland Governor Orders End to Gas Heat Furnaces

Most of the roughly 1,200,132 residential natural gas consumers in Maryland use it for heat. Learn what banning gas furnaces to reach net-zero emissions could affect your electricity rates.

Will Maryland Ban Gas Heat Furnaces?

Maryland could put an end to gas heat for homes. Find out what it means for its carbon goals and future electricity rates.
Everyone likes green energy and wants to cut carbon. But what happens to Maryland electricity rates if the state bans gas heat for homes? Will consumers still have a energy choice?

It’s no secret that Maryland lawmakers are working hard to combat climate change. But recently, Governor Wes Moore signed a new executive order that directs the state to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2045. It may not be clear how this order affects MD electric choice, especially after the SB1 restrictions. So let’s clear up the confusion and talk about the Maryland governor order to end gas heat furnaces.

What’s the Executive Order for Maryland Gas Heat?

The new executive order relates to several green energy regulations and policies. These policies include solar energy installations and phasing out gas-fired furnaces in homes by 2035. Supporters expect homes and businesses to switch to heat pump furnaces.

As you can guess, this aggressive push intends to pull Maryland away from natural gas dependency. However, this order has a few notable issues.

Firstly, heat pump installation is expensive. Costs can range from $1,500 to $20,000. As a result, it may not be popular with low-income families, rental property owners, and natural gas companies. Finally, SB1 will restrict how you can shop for energy. As a result, future electric rates could increase beyond their current rates.

This new order could result in even fewer options for cheap energy plans for Maryland consumers.

Need To Know Gas Heat Furnace Info

Thankfully, the news isn’t all bad. Heat pump furnaces do save energy. This means lower electricity bills in the long run after the initial upfront cost. Let’s not forget that there are several incentive programs to help with that upfront cost. For instance, qualifying homeowners can sign up for the BeSMART Energy Efficiency Loan for up to $30,000 for energy efficiency measures.

Also, a recent bill in the General Assembly opens the door to geothermal pilot programs. According to the bill, small communities can reach out to gas utilities to create an energy network using geothermal heat pumps. This energy network then cools and heats the community cleanly and affordably. As a result, this proves how gas companies can go green and still make money without natural gas.

In short, the cost to go net-zero may be dramatically less in the years to come.

What This Means For Maryland Energy Choice

No one can deny that climate change is a problem. Natural gas creates environmental issues and has led to poor air quality. We could see better air quality and health if Maryland can reach its 2035 goals. However, consumers in Maryland may be more difficult to find cheaper energy plans in the future. That’s why now is the right time to shop for the best energy plan deals. You’ll want to lock in a long term plan one last time before that option vanishes.

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