Lock-in Cheap Electricity Rates in Annapolis, MD

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BGE rates are going up, so why pay more? Don't pay high electricity rates in Annapolis, lock in a 24 month plan right now!
BGE rates are going up and it looks like they’ll stay up next year. But you don’t need to pay high electricity rates in Annapolis if you lock in a 24 month plan right now!

Compare Electricity Rates in Maryland

This autumn season means more than colorful leaves and cozy jacket weather. It unfortunately means BGE hikes its rate on October 1. That’s when the current Price to Compare (PTC) goes from 6.802 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 7.349 cents per kWh. Assuming an average monthly usage, the new generation charge raises your electricity rates in Annapolis from $68 per month to about $74 per month (a $6 difference).

But rather than accepting these new rates lying down, you should shop now to find the best electricity rates not just for this winter but also for next year.

While record high natural gas supplies pushed energy prices to record lows this summer and benefitted Maryland electricity customers working from home, natural gas producer losses are forcing severe drilling rig cutbacks. The EIA STEO now predicts natural gas prices will increase rapidly in December as heating demand grows and remain higher through 2021. And that includes the next PTC rate.

So get ahead of the curve! Shop these great electricity rates for Annapolis before the possible energy price increases come this winter.

Cheapest 24-Month Electricity Rates In Annapolis

Spark Energy’s Spark Secure 24 plan is the cheapest 24-month electricity plan available to Annapolis. Spark Energy’s 7.69 cents per kWh rate equals an average monthly generation charge of about $77. The plan’s added value is that customers can sign up for the Spark Energy Rewards program. This program gives subscribers discounts on shopping, travel, and dining as well as gift card giveaway opportunities.

Best Green 24-Month Electricity Rates

Spark Energy‘s Spark Green Secure 24 plan is the best 24-month green option on available right now. The 7.89 cents per kWh rate equals an average monthly generation charge of about $79. For eco-conscious customers, the plan’s real value comes from powering your home on renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll also be able to enjoy the benefits of the Spark Energy Rewards program.

Consider Risk-Free 24-Month Electricity Rates

Major Energy’s Secure Choice 24 plan offers stable and competitive pricing. The 7.89 cents per kWh rate will cost the average user a monthly generation charge of about $79. Major Energy compensates for the price increase with superior customer service that has earned itself a 3.7 star rating. The real benefit to choosing this plan is the lack of an early termination fee. Leave at any time, if you find a better deal.

Shopping For The Best 24-Month Electricity

Choosing the right plan for you is all about deciding what matters most for your energy needs. Choose Spark Energy’s Secure Choice 24 if you want the cheapest 24-month rate and an excellent rewards program. Spark Energy’s Spark Green Secure 24 plan is the best choice if you don’t mind paying a little more for rewards programs and green electricity. Major Energy’s Secure Choice 24 plan is the best option if customer service and flexibility are your number one deciding factors.

Choosing the right plan at the right time, however, can really help you save a lot of money over the long term. With electricity rates still low and energy prices expected surge next year, now is the time to take advantage of locking in the savings.

Learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at www.mdenergyratings.com.

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