Lock in Cheap 12 Month Electricity in Bethesda

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Let us give you a hand finding Cheap 12 Month Electricity in Bethesda this Halloween!
Let us give you a hand finding Cheap 12 Month Electricity in Bethesda this Halloween!

Shop For Low Electric Rates in Maryland

It’s that time of year again, boils and ghouls. The weather gets colder, the bats come out to play, and Bethesda Pepco customers realize that they’re paying too much for their electricity. After all, when we want to bring life to our own Frankenstein’s Monster, we need to find the best electric rates in Bethesda.

Why Compare 12-Month Electric Rates?

Energy usage spikes and drops in predictable patterns and you don’t want to get caught paying high prices when summer comes around. So locking in a low price now for 12 months saves you money for the entire year.

Lowest Maryland Electric Rates Per kWh

These are the three best plans available for Bethesda clients. Price estimates are based on the EIA 2018 Average Monthly Bill Report (1,005 kWh usage) and Pepco’s winter per kWh distribution charge (about $33).

Cheap Green Electricity in Bethesda

Tomorrow Energy offers a wonderful Green option with its 12-month fixed plan. With a supply charge of 7.01¢ per kWh, Bethesda customers could expect a monthly bill of about $103 this winter. According to the plan’s terms of service, there is a $75 termination fee, but it is affordable green energy.

Constellation has its green energy option with its 12 Month Green Home Power Plan. This plan has a competitive supply charge of 7.09¢ per kWh, which means an estimated monthly bill of about $104. The plan’s terms of service do have a $150 early termination fee, but it stands out by offering a full 90 day guarantee period where you can cancel without penalty. Perfect for getting through winter if better deals come in January.

Compare Electric Rates, Bethesda, Maryland

Constellation also has a separate plan available for customers worried about the reported disadvantages of green electric plans. Their 12 Month Home Power Plan is priced at 7.39¢ per kWh, which would give a monthly bill of about $107. The plan’s terms of service have the same advantages that Constellation’s other plan offers, including the 90 day guarantee period.

Which 12-Month Electric Plan is Right For You?

When it comes to saving money on your monstrous projects you want to avoid spooky price hikes this season. So lock into one of these plans for the best 12-month electric rates in Bethesda. You can learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at www.mdenergyratings.com.

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