Declare Your Independence with the Electric Plan of the Month

Celebrate your independence from high electricity bills! Shield your wallet with a fixed rate electric plan and save!

Find Cheapest Electric Plan

Get a cheap electric plan that shields you from rising Delmarva Power rates. Celebrate your independence from high electricity bills!
Celebrate your independence from high electricity bills! Shop now for cheap fixed rate electric plan that shields you from rising Delmarva Power rates!

It’s time for Delmarva customers to declare their independence from high electricity rates. Summer is already shaping up to be hot and rainy this year. So electricity customers deserve the chance to find stable pricing and great benefits. And you might do that with our electric plan of the month.

Compare Delmarva Electric Rates

Shopping smart means knowing what you can expect from your monthly energy bill. And that means checking out the utility Price to Compare (PTC). Right now, Delmarva’s PTC is 7.94 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). However, this rate will rise to 9.61 cents per kWh on October 1!

As inflation bites deeper, many customers are cutting back on their AC usage. So let’s estimate costs by comparing these rates to the monthly cost of running one energy-efficient room AC unit. If you ran just one energy efficient window AC unit all month, you would pay about $3.20 until October. Then the cost would rise to about $3.86 per month. That’s around 20% more!

Shop Electric Plan of the Month

This month, Constellation is providing our electric plan of the month. Their 36 Month Home Power Plan provides fixed rate energy for 12.99 cents per kWh. This rate means paying about $5.22 cents per kWh to power a window AC unit for a month.

Obviously, this rate is about 63% higher than the current PTC. So right now, Delmarva customers would save by sticking with the PTC. However, natural gas prices are on the rise and may remain high through the summer.

The EIA predicts that US natural gas production may not be able to meet expected demands. Especially once winter arrives and heating costs rise. On top of this, sanctions caused by the war in Ukraine makes it difficult to import natural gas, This is a problem because Russian gas and oil normally accounts for about 10% of global supply. And these factors have affected gas prices and could cause electricity rates to spike even higher.

Why Consider Fixed-Rate Plan

But this does beg the question why we recommend checking out Constellation’s electricity plans.

First of all, when the PTC rises in October, Constellation’s 36 Month Home Power Plan will be 35% higher rather than about 63%. So the difference in monthly bills isn’t quite as dramatic. However, it is possible that Delmarva may ask for a winter rate increase in response to potential natural gas supply shortages. So, customers should seriously consider plans that shield them from prices possibly rising much higher than what’s expected.

Additionally, Constellation provides benefits that could add value to sweeten the deal. For example, you could earn $50 pre-paid cards for you and a friend with their refer-a-friend program. Constellation also sends out weekly energy usage emails, which are excellent tools to help you monitor and save energy. Smart shoppers can save even more money on shopping, travel, and dining with their rewards program. Additionally, Constellation is rated as Maryland’s best energy company because of their prompt customer service.

Choose Best Electric Plan

Energy customers should always shop for the best electric rates. Because you deserve to declare independence from paying more for electricity than you should. While Constellation’s 36 Month Home Power Plan isn’t the best deal right now, natural gas price trends may change things by winter or early in 2023.

You can also learn more about other ways of saving money and energy by comparing MD electricity and natural gas providers, rates and plans at

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