How to Shop Cheap Baltimore Summer Electric Rates and Save!

Shop and lock in low electric rates for the summer now! Find out how you can cut your BGE bill year round!

Shop For Summer Electric Rates Savings

Shop low electric rates for summer now! Get the best deal on long term electricity for your home and save.
Shop the best plans for cheap electric rates this summer. Find out why now is the time to lock in the lowest long term rate that beats BGE.

Baltimore residents might see smaller energy bills when the summer SOS rates kick in. But weather predictions suggest a chance for a harsh winter season. This means that Maryland electricity rates may rebound later this year. But you could jump ahead of winter and lock in long-term savings if you shop today! Here’s how you should shop cheap Baltimore electric rates for summer!

Why You Shop Summer Rates Now

Recently, BGE filed new SOS summer rates. From June through September, BGE customer rates will be at 9.485 cents per kilowatt hours (kWh). Considering that Maryland homes use an average of 968 kWh of energy per month, this means a monthly supply charge of about $91. This rate is about 8% lower than the current 10.361 cents per kWh (about $100 per month supply charge).

While this summer SOS rate this is undeniably better pricing, summer may not be the right time to shop rates. First, BGE winter rates (October – May) are usually higher than summer rates. Second, the National Weather Service predicts that a La Nina may form this fall. These often lead to colder-than-normal winters in Maryland. If that happens, then heating demand and natural gas costs will rise quickly. And that means electricity rates could rise as well.

Luckily, BGE customers can lock in great long-term rates with great incentives right now!

Best Baltimore Long Term Rates

You might check out Xoom Energy if you want the cheapest possible long-term rates. Their SureLock 24 plan gives you 24 months of power for 10.89 cents per kWh (about $105 monthly supply charge). In addition to keeping your price low if winter rates jump up, you can enjoy the Xoom Energy Rewards program. This program offers plenty of discounts on shopping, travel, and dining as well as giveaway opportunities. BGE certainly doesn’t do that.

Cheapest Green Electricity Rates

On the other hand, if you want renewable energy in your home, you might want to check out Energy Harbor. Their Safe Harbor 32 plan locks in 32 months of carbon-free power for 11.79 cents per kWh. This averages to a monthly supply charge of about $114. On top of supporting clean energy, Energy Harbor offers service without an early termination fee (ETF). This makes it cost-free to cancel or switch if better deals come later this year.

You might also consider the Direct Energy Go Green Lights 24 plan. This plan charges 12.19 cents per kWh. This averages to a monthly supply charge of about $117. Direct Energy adds value to the plan with the shopping and dining discounts from their rewards program. In addition, Direct Energy doesn’t charge an ETF!

Our readers also rank both of these companies in the top three for best customer service.

Is Now The Best Time To Shop?

The BGE SOS rates are expected to drop in June. This means four months of cheaper rates in the hottest part of the year. But if climate conditions come true, then we may be seeing electricity rates jump right before a frosty winter. So it’s always a great idea to keep an eye out for cheap energy. And you can trust to make your energy shopping easy. We’ll also keep you up to date on the news that could affect your bills.

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