How Much Electricity Does A Maryland House Use Per Day?

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On average, homes in Maryland use 33.5 kWh per month. But with mild temperatures, homes are using less energy. And stay-at-home orders are pushing prices down further! Shop now to save when rates go up!

Maryland’s Average Electricity Bill

Many Maryland households wonder how Coronavirus stay-at-home orders will affect their utility bills. Will their energy usage and expenses increase their electricity bill? How will current costs compare to past averages? Many folks can’t find clear answers to these pressing questions.

Let’s find those clear answers, by looking at the available data.

According to the EIA 2018 average monthly bill report, Maryland used an average of 1,005 kWh of energy per month. At the estimated 13.30¢ per kWh rate that’s $133.68 that residents paid monthly in 2018. That’s around $400 for a three month period!

Is that the bill you can expect for the next few months?

Average kWh used per day

Assuming that your electricity bill and usage mirrors the 2018 average, you would be using 33.5 kWh daily in a 30 day month. This estimate is equal to about $4.46 in expense. That sounds easy enough to calculate, but consider what goes into that daily charge.

The Maryland Energy Administration’s Energy Calculator states that 34% of our electricity usage comes from space heating. Since we’re currently in the warmer shoulder months, many homes are using less energy for heat.. That means our predicted 33.5 kWh daily usage can be as low as 22.11 kWh (from $4.46 daily cost down to $2.94), especially for homes that rely on electric heat.

These estimates assume the 2018 average bill. You can beat them with smart energy saving strategies or by shopping for better electric rates.

Shop Now to Lower Your Electricity Bill

The information we have so far is based purely on averages. In the past few months alone, we’ve already dealt with unusual circumstances we couldn’t have predicted. Besides the effects of Covid-19, consider how this year’s warm January temperatures gave us a natural gas surplus that lowered electricity rates. Rates going into shoulder month pricing are the lowest they’ve been in quite some time.

But this surplus and low pricing won’t last forever, especially when the summer heat fires up.

Covid-19 has created a stressful uncertain time for households and electricity providers alike. The low pricing we see today may rise in the weeks to come. That’s why now is the perfect time to protect yourself and your budget with great rates from great electricity companies. Especially now that you have averages that you can look to for price predictions for the coming months.

Understand and Manage Your Electricity Bill

As families stay home during the current crisis, energy usage is on our minds. Things may look bleak, but we have a few key factors on our side. Mild temperatures means less energy used towards heating, which saves nearly 50% of our expected bill. But you can save even more money by shopping for better electric rates from Maryland’s best electricity companies. You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at

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