Get Cheap 12 Month Electricity Rates in Towson, MD

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BGE rates go up next month. Do the math and save on cheap electricity rates in Towson, MD!
Do the math! The BGE rate hike hits in October. Now’s the time to shop these cheap electricity rates and energy plans that reward you!.

Find Better Maryland Electricity Rates

October is almost here and that means the BGE winter rate hike is coming. Rather than taking the price hike lying down, why not shop around for better pricing? Shopping for cheap electricity rates in Towson is easy when you know the Price to Compare (PTC). Starting on October 1, BGE’s default service rate rises to 7.349 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Considering that Marylanders use a monthly average of 1,005 kWh, that means they face a monthly generation charge of about $74. But if you sign up for a plan that beats the PTC rate or offers discounts and rewards, then you can save money.

Cheapest Renewable Electricity Rates in Towson

Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan clocks in as the best deal for homeowners looking cheap electricity rates and to reduce their carbon footprint. With a 6.89 cents per kWh rate, Tomorrow Energy offers an average monthly generation charge of about $69 ($5 less than BGE).

Subscribers should be sure to cancel or switch their plans before it renews. The Terms of Service explains that the plan will renew into a month-to-month variable rate after the initial 12-month term.

Best affordable electricity rates and rewards

Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 plan combines cheap electricity rates with a great rewards deal that’s better than BGE’s default price. At a rate of 6.99 cents per kWh, Xoom Energy customers can expect an average monthly generation charge around $70. The biggest draw to this plan is the Xoom Energy Rewards program that offers discounts on travel, dining, and shopping.

Customers should be aware that Xoom Energy plans may renew into a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan. Make sure you read documentation you may receive at the end of the initial term.

Best Electric Rates for Frequent Travelers

Starion Energy’s Starion Secure 12 plan offers one of the best customer programs if you enjoy travel. The Starion Energy rate of 7.39 cents per kWh averages to about $74 per month in generation charges. The competitive price is compensated for with the Starion Rewards Program. This program combines cheap electricity rates with up to $1,200 in savings per year on travel and dining as well as bonus rewards after six months of service.

No early termination fee also makes this the best risk-free option.

Best Electric Rates for Pet Lovers

Xoom Energy’s Rescuelock 12 plan is an excellent option for animal lovers in Towson. The 7.39 cents rate averages to about $74 in generation charges per month. The main draw to this plan is that 12.5% of your monthly charges (a little over $9) will go to PetSmart charities.

Customers will see additional benefits by participating in the Xoom Energy Rewards program.

Compare electric rates with excellent customer service

Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan is an excellent choice if customer service is your priority. Their 7.69 cents per kWh rate averages to about $77 in monthly generation charges. Constellation compensates for their price with weekly energy usage emails to help you monitor your usage.

Constellation offers a refer-a-friend program that nets you and your friend $50 pre-paid cards when they sign up. Best of all, Constellation plans renew into a fixed-rate plan when your initial plan agreement expires and not an expensive variable rate.

The Best Electricity Rates for Towson Homes

Choosing the right plan for you depends on your needs and  what matters most to your budget. Choose Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan for the cheapest renewable energy. On the other hand, Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 plan is a great choice if you enjoy rewards programs. Starion Energy’s Starion Secure 12 plan offers the best deals for frequent travelers. Xoom Energy’s RescueLock 12 is a great way to donate to animal charities. Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan is ideal if you demand the best customer service.

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