Electricity Plans That Save You More in Frederick

Break free of high monthly bills when you shop these MD electricity rates and save! Stop paying those high priced Potomac Edison SOS rates!

Shop Cheapest Frederick Electricity Plans

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Don’t chain yourself to that high Potomac Edison SOS rate! Shop cheap electricity rates and save more each month!

Right now, many Frederick households are paying too much for their electricity. And during this cold winter, that means blowing your budget on high energy bills. But you could shave down your monthly energy spending if you shop for better pricing. So now’s the time to check out the electricity plans that save you more in Frederick.

Compare Standard Offer Service Rates

Maryland residential consumers used an average 968 kWh per month in 2022. With the current Potomac Edison Standard Offer Service (SOS) rate at 9.328 cents per kWh, an average monthly supply bill runs about $90. Of course, most homes spend more during the winter, especially if storm predictions come true. But, while these rates will change in June, Frederick customers do have cheaper options right now!

Shop Electricity Plans and Save

If you’re looking for the cheapest available pricing, then you may want to check out Direct Energy plans. Their Term Optimized Live Brighter 11 plan charges 8.49 cents per kWh for Frederick customers. This rate equals a monthly supply charge of about $82 ($8 less than Potomac Edison). Their customers can find extra value via the shopping discounts from their rewards program. On top of this, our readers rank Direct Energy in the top five for best customer service experiences.

Alternatively, you could choose the Live Brighter 18 plan. This plan charges 8.59 cents per kWh, or about $83 a month in supply charges. Assuming you made the switch in time for February billing, this could potentially lock in a cheaper rates until the Summer of 2025!

Save More With Electricity Plan Perks

On the other hand, you could check out Xoom Energy plans if you want benefits added on to your savings. Their SimpleClean 12 plan charges 8.69 cents per kWh, which equals a monthly supply charge of about $84 ($6 less than Potomac Edison). This plan supports green energy and powers your home with renewable energy.

Alternately, pet lovers might check out the RescueLock 12 plan. Xoom Energy will donate 5% of your supply charge to PetSmart charities. This plan charges 8.89 cents per kWh, which averages a monthly supply charge of around $86 ($4 less than Potomac Edison).

In either case, Xoom Energy customers can take advantage of the shopping, travel, and dining discounts offered by the Xoom Energy Rewards program.

Why Shop For Cheaper Electricity?

While you will have to wait and see if SOS rates drop this summer, these cheap electricity plans save you money now! Best of all, these plans do not charge early termination fees, so you can switch or cancel for the best deals at no extra cost. This means energy shoppers could find the best MD electric rates if they shop now!

Be sure to drop by again for the news that could affect your bills. Plus, you can always shop for the cheapest electricity rates right here at https://www.mdenergyratings.com.

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