The Best Electric Plan Bargain In Montgomery Village

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Shop the best electric plan bargain and avoid paying PEPCO's higher rates this coming year.
Electric rates are rising this year and Pepco is no exception! Shield yourself against higher monthly bills and grab the best electric plan bargain for your home.

Compare Maryland Electric Rates

Pepco’s Montgomery Village customers will see rate hikes starting October 1. That’s why now is the best time to compare Maryland’s best Electric Rates. But what rates make the cut as the best for your bottom dollar? Shop now to discover the best electric plan bargain in Montgomery Village.

Pepco’s SOS Electric Rates

Let’s start by checking out Pepco’s Standard Offer Service (SOS) rates. From October to May of 2022, Pepco’s SOS will be 8.23 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Let’s assume that you own an energy-efficient refrigerator that uses 17 kWh per month. That means the SOS rate will cost you about $1.40 a month to power that refrigerator.

However, you can avoid paying Pepco’s higher rates this coming year by shopping for a low priced long term electricity plan now. So, we’ve sorted and picked out the best long term plan bargains.

Cheapest Maryland Electric Rates

Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan charges 7.88 cents per kWh. This rate powers a refrigerator for only $1.33 a month. In addition to being cheap, this plan powers your home with 100% green energy. Renewable energy plans aren’t always this cheap. Tomorrow Energy will plant 1 tree every 3 months of service.

Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 18 plan charges 8.18 cents per kWh. This rate powers a refrigerator for $1.39 a month. Energy Harbor’s is committed to excellent customer service. This commitment made it the second best rated Energy Company in Maryland.

Compare Electric Rates and Rewards Programs

Major Energy’s Secure Choice 12 plan charges 8.69 cents per kWh. Because of this rate, customers would pay $1.47 per month to power a refrigerator. Frequent shoppers will enjoy Major Energy Rewards program. It offers daily deals on shopping as well as daily giveaways.

On the other hand, Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan costs 8.99 cents per kWh. Because of the low rate, this plan powers a refrigerator for only $1.52. Customers can also expect weekly energy emails to help them monitor their usage. In addition, Constellation’s refer-a-friend program can earn you $50 gift cards.

Best Electric Plan Bargain

Obviously, choosing the best electric plan isn’t easy. But it becomes easier if we’re only looking for an electric plan that’s the best bargain. For that reason, we recommend Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan. This is because it saves the most money and provides renewable energy.

You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates, plans, and provider reviews at

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