Delmarva Power Hiking SOS Rates October 1!

With Delmarva Power hiking its SOS rate next month, stretching your dollar will get harder. Find out how you can save more now with these low fixed rates!

Beat Delmarva Winter SOS Rates

The SOS rate for Delmarva Power increases on October 1. Learn how you can save each month when you shop fixed rate plans right now!
Delmarva Power will hike its SOS rate on October 1! Why pay more this winter? Learn how you can save more on your monthly electricity bills!

Delmarva Power customers are less than two weeks away from new SOS rates. And if you don’t shop now, this could mean more expensive energy bills this winter. But you could save big if you shop for the best electricity rates for your home. Check out how you can beat the Delmarva Power SOS Rate Hike!

Compare Delmarva SOS Rate

On October 1, Delmarva customers will pay 11.57 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in supply charges. This is a 13% more than the current 10.17 cents per kWh rate. To put it in perspective, consider that MD uses an average of 973 kWh of energy per month. This means the average supply charge is going up from about $99 per month to nearly $113. And if we have a chilly winter, that could mean paying even more in heating bills.

But don’t worry. We’ve got plans that beat the new Delmarva SOS right now by over $10 per month.

Cheapest 24-Month Fixed Rate

Some energy shoppers want the absolute best pricing available. And if you’re looking for long-term rates, then you might discover the Xoom Energy SureLock24 plan. Their 10.59 cents per kWh rate equals an average monthly supply charge of about $103. Customers can find even more value by taking advantage of their Xoom Energy Rewards program. This program offers savings on shopping, dining, and travel as well as gift card giveaways.

Best Carbon-Free Energy Rate

Other customers might be in the market for environmentally friendly energy. These shoppers might check out the Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 24 plan. This plan charges 10.68 cents per kWh or an average monthly supply charge of about $104. On top of carbon-free energy, Energy Harbor does not charge an early termination fee (ETF). This means you can cancel or switch for better deals at no extra cost! Best of all, our readers rank Energy Harbor as one of the best overall energy companies in MD.

Best Customer Service In MD

If you want highly rated customer service, then you might be interested in the Constellation 24 Month Home Power Plan. This plan charges 10.69 cents per kWh, which averages to a monthly supply charge of $104. the biggest draw to Constellation is their top five best customer service rating. They also send out regular energy usage notices to help monitor your energy saving goals.

Choose Best Energy Plan For You

Choosing the right plan for your home depends on what you need. And long-term fixed rates could provide long-term savings well into the new year. If you want the absolute best savings, then Xoom Energy is your best choice. Otherwise, you can’t beat carbon-free energy from Energy Harbor especially since it doesn’t charge an ETF.

As always, you can count on for the latest news that affect your energy bills. You can also shop here for the best electricity rates in town.

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