Compare Cheapest 12 Month Electricity Rates in Frederick, MD

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Compare Frederick electricity supplier rates and plans. Sign up for the best lowest-priced short term plan and save money this winter.
It’s fall! That means natural gas usage is falling and electricity prices are falling in Frederick MD! NOW is the time to shop for the best fixed rate plans for your family’s needs.

Compare Best Electricity Rates per kWh in Frederick, MD

Nationwide electricity rates have been rising since 2017. If you are an electricity customer in Frederick, Maryland, you’ve seen prices rising in your average monthly bills. Smart energy shopping starts by looking at electricity supplier plans to find the best potential savings. To help make that job easier, we’ve assembled the cheapest 12 month electricity plans right here for you.

Compare Electricity Rates for Potomac Edison Customers

Tomorrow Energy offers the cheapest option with their 12 Month Fixed plan, charging only a .0606 cents per kWh rate. That breaks down to an average monthly supply charge of about $56.

Direct Energy comes close Customers behind with their Live Brighter 12 plan’s .0609 cents per kWh rate. Customers could see an average supply charge of around $57.

Constellation comes next on our list with their 12 Month Home Power Plan. Their plan has a charge of .0669 cents, that results in an average monthly supply charge of $62.

But the price isn’t the only consideration.

Compare Electricity Terms and Conditions for Frederick, MD

Smart energy shopping overcomes high electricity bills by carefully examining plan terms and conditions. This is what we have found.

The Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 plan’s terms and conditions have no early termination fees. This makes it safe and easy for customers to switch at any time. Just be aware that you should choose a new plan or switch to a new provider before the expiraton date. Otherwise, customers are automatically rolled into monthly variable rate.

The Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan is the only plan on our list that renews customers into a new fixed-rate pan. It also has a 90 day guarantee period where you can cancel your plan without incurring the high $150 termination fee.

Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan is the only green energy option on our list. It does charge a $75 termination fee and renews into a monthly variable rate after the initial term.

But how do past customers feel about these energy providers?

Compare Maryland Electricity Suppliers

No electricity plan is perfect. When problems come up, customers want to know that they can rely on their energy supplier for prompt assistance. Our customer reviews illustrate what you can expect when you sign up.

Constellation leads the pack with an average of 4.3 stars due to easy conversion and valuable features including weekly energy consumption reports.

Tomorrow Energy comes next with an average 3.8 rating, with many customers enjoying the excellent savings during the initial term.

 Direct Energy comes next with an average review score of 3.8 stars, thanks to the friendly and attentive staff that even responds to many reviews from our site.

Best Electricity Supplier Rates for Your Budget

 Each of our chosen plans excels in different areas compared to the others. Which plan works best for you depends on your household’s needs. You can learn more by checking out

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