Compare Cheap Electricity Deals in Gaithersburg

Find out how you can save on your electricity bills this winter when you compare these Cheap Electricity Deals!

Shop Electricity Rates in Gaithersburg

Compare these Cheap Electricity Deals in Gaithersburg and see how you can save on your electricity bills this winter.
Why shiver in anticipation of your next Pepco bill? Gaithersburg families can save more this winter when they shop and compare these Cheap Electricity Deals!

It’s no surprise that winter is the most expensive season for many energy customers. Holiday decorations and parties often push MD families well past their average energy usage. Worst of all, the EIA predicts that 2021 winter bills will be 30% higher this year. So many Gaithersburg families will face high electricity bills. But some customers may be able to save if they compare cheap electricity deals in Gaithersburg.

MD Energy Usage by KwH

Shopping for the best electricity rates in MD is easy. The first step is knowing how much energy you can expect to use in a month. You can find this information on your Pepco bill. However, for a quick estimate, assume that the average MD household uses 957 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per month. You can use this figure to compare how much a plan will cost you per month. And while the electricity families use during the holidays usually beats that average, it’s still a handy ballpark for estimating costs.

Compare Best 18-Month Carbon-Free Electricity

Some customers want to do their part for the environment. And one of the best ways to help is by choosing carbon-free power for their homes. With that in mind, these customers should consider Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 18 plan. This plan charges 9.69 cents per kWh. This equals an average supply charge of about $92. The big draw to this plan is that the energy is carbon-free. In addition, Energy Harbor does not charge any early transaction fee (ETF). Because of this you can cancel or switch at anytime for better carbon-free deals in 2022.

Best of all Energy Harbor rates as the second best energy company in MD for excellent customer service.

Cheapest 12-Month Rates per kWh

Energy Harbor also offers their Safe Harbor 12 plan. This plan charges a 9.84 cents per kWh rate. Because of this rate, the average customer can expect to pay about $94 per month on supply charges. The same benefits that apply to their 18-month plan apply to this one as well.

On the other hand, you might consider NRG Home’s Electric Choice Plan 12 Month plan. NRG Home charges a 9.90 cents per kWh rate. Because of this rate, a Gaithersburg family could expect supply charges of about $95 on their average bills. NRG Home‘s cashback deal offers $50 back after 2 months of service and 3% cashback after a year of service. However, this plan does charge a $120 ETF. So this plan may be better if you don’t mind sticking with them.

And finally, you might consider choosing Tomorrow Energy if you demand 100% green energy in your home. Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan brings wind power to your home for 10.69 cents per kWh. This rate equals an average monthly supply charge of about $102. In addition to providing 100% renewable power, Tomorrow Energy partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to have 1 tree planted after every 3 months of service. Keep in mind that this plan does have a $75 ETF.

Compare Gaithersburg’s Best Electricity Rates

Choosing the best energy deals can be tough. But you can make it easier by knowing what matters most to you. The cheapest 12-23 month deal comes if you choose Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 18 plan. But if you demand green power for your home, then consider Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan instead.

You can read customer reviews of these and other great Maryland electricity plans when you compare rates at

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