Compare 12 Month Fixed Electric Rates in Rockville, MD

Finding a a 12 month fixed electricity rates in Rockville has never been easy — until NOW! Learn more about your choices for the best rates in Maryland!
Finding a a 12 month fixed electricity rates in Rockville has never been easy — until NOW! Learn more about your choices for the best rate!

Cheapest Electricity Rates in Rockville

It’s never been easy finding the best electricity rates for 12 month fixed plans in Rockville, MD. With so many offers that vary on services, benefits, advantages, and cost, it’s easy to waste money by buying into a plan that isn’t to your benefit. But smart energy shopping protects your wallet with careful electric suppliers rate comparisons.

To help you with your energy shopping decisions, we have looked at the 2019 electric rates of all 12-month fixed plans available to Rockville customers to determine which one is the best value.

Compare Best Maryland Electricity Rates

Our search for the cheapest rates found three electric suppliers that offer recommended plan options to Pepco customers in Rockville. We compared the costs of these plans, by using the EIA estimated average monthly household electric usage of 940 kWh for Maryland customers.

Constellation offers two 12 month plans. Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan carries a supply charge of 7.39¢ per kWh, Going by the EIA estimate, Rockville customers would end up paying a monthly average supply charge of about

$69.466. However, the Constellation 12 month Green Home Power Plan comes out on top, with the lowest supply charge of 7.09¢ per kWh for 100% renewable energy. This plan’s estimated monthly supply charge drops to $66.646.

APG&E offers the TrueSimple 12 plan that charges Rockville customers a supply rate of 7.31¢ per kWh. This supply charge would cost homeowners about $68.714 monthly, making it the second-best electric rate plan on our list.

Xoom Energy offers customers the Simple Clean 12 plan which offers 50% clean energy for 8.05¢ per kWh. The average monthly supply charge for this plan roughly runs $75.67.

If we stopped at these rates, Constellation would be the clear winner. But smart energy shopping digs deeper and looks at fees as well.

Electricity Supplier Rates and Fees

Many energy shoppers are aware that 12 month fixed rate plans are a long term commitment. So many customers, who don’t plan to move within 12 months, shop for plans that either offer low early termination fees or generous grace periods and conditions.

Constellation’sterms of service for the 12 month Green Home Power Plan and the 12 Month Home Power Plan mandates early termination fees of $150 each. This might sound like a lot of money. But both plans waive fees if you cancel within the first 90 day guarantee period.

The APG&E terms of service charge customers a $150 early termination fee. Xoom Energy’s terms of service only charge a lower termination fee of $110. Neither of these plans offer a guarantee period.

The Best Electric Provider

After comparing the 12 month fixed energy plans available from electricity suppliers in Rockville, MD, the Constellation 12 month Green Home Power Plan is the clear winner. Not only does it charge the lowest rate, but it also offers that generous satisfaction guarantee. To save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and have a lower risk commitment, there’s no better choice.

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