Compare 12 Month Electric Rates in Germantown, MD

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Save your holiday budget in Germantown this year by locking in a low fixed rate electricity plan.
Save your holiday budget in Germantown this year with low priced electricity for 12 months!

Low Cost of Maryland Electricity this Holiday Season

Even the smartest savers in Germantown, MD can break the budget when the holidays come around. With the average residential customer in PEPCO using about 1,005 kWh per month, you might find yourself struggling to pay for gifts, dinners, travel and high energy bills this winter. Fortunately, there are 12-month fixed-rate plans available now that can help you save money and offer great customer loyalty bonuses. And since this year’s winter energy bills may be lower than last year’s, why not take advantage of the best electric rates in Maryland?

Cheapest Renewable Electric Rates in Germantown, MD

Tomorrow Energy offers the cheapest choice for energy shoppers who want renewable power in their homes with their 12 Month Fixed plan. There is a $75 early cancellation fee on this plan. But, the 7.01 cents per kWh rate means the average customer pays about $70 on generation charges. The company also proudly stands in the top three rankings of best-reviewed electric companies with prompt customer service and consistently low rates.

Compare Electric Rates and Rewards

Constellation has a competitive option with its 12 Month Home Power Plan. For 7.79 cents per kWh, you secure service from our customer-best-rated company. The $150 early termination fee is compensated by several programs including weekly energy usage reports, home services assistance for better energy efficiency, and a $50 gift card refer-a-friend program that benefits you and your friends.

Constellation also has a renewable energy option with their 12 Month Green Home Power Plan. At a rate of 7.99 cents per kWh, customers can reduce their carbon footprint with this renewable energy plan. Customers will also enjoy Constellation’s  90 Day Guarantee. You can end the contract within the first 90 days without paying the $150 early termination fee.

Starion Energy offers a risk-free alternative to the local utility with its Starion Secure 12 plan. The 7.79 cents per kWh rate comes with no early termination fees and the Starion Rewards program that offers savings on travel, dining, and shopping. The program features a loyalty program that offers rebates and other perks after 6 months.

Great Electric Rates, Best Referral Program

APG&E closes today’s list with its TrueSimple 12 plan. The plan’s generation charge of 8.06 cents per kWh also comes with a $150 early termination fee. But customers will benefit from the best referral program available. Every time customers successfully refer a friend, they will receive $50 with a $100 bonus after 10 successful sign-ups. If you have a lot of friends or family, this is a great plan for you.

Choose the Right Electric Plan

Choosing the plans and options that best serve your needs from the highest-rated electric companies in Maryland really can help you cut your holiday costs. Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan offers the cheapest prices and renewable energy in your home. Highest rated Constellation has the 90 Day Guarantee for its 12 Month Green Home Power Plan and 12 Month Home Power Plan. Meanwhile, Starion Energy offers competitive pricing with their Starion Secure 12 plan and a rewards program that’s perfect for frequent diners and travelers. Lastly, APG&E offers reliable service and the best referrals program with its TrueSimple 12 plan. Learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at

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