Compare 12 Month Electric Rates in Ellicott City

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Put predictability back in your budget! Lock in a cheap, fixed rate 12 month electric plan in Ellicott City.
Here’s holiday surprise you can do without:
BGE prices change every six months.
Put predictability back in your budget! Lock in a cheap, fixed rate 12 month electric plan!

BGE Electric Rates 2019, Switch Now!

If you’re like most families in Ellicott City, then the holiday season has been a big drain on your budget. From Thanksgiving last week to the upcoming holidays, the last thing you need is a higher energy bill. BGE’s current generation Rates and Charges are 6.173 cents per kWh from October until May 2020. With the average monthly electric usage in Maryland at 1,005 kWh, you could be paying at least $62.03 on generation charges alone. But you can find a better rate by shopping for some of the best deals on electric rates in Maryland. Plus, with weather predictions suggesting that winter energy bills this year could be lower, you may be able to save even more money!

Compare BGE Supplier Electric Rates

Spark Energy comes in strong with the cheapest 12-month fixed rates in the Ellicott City area with their Spark Plus 12 plan. With no early cancellation fees or recurring charges, you’ll enjoy a risk-free 6.10 cents per kWh rate that’s cheaper than BGE. If you frequently shop or dine with major retailers and restaurants you’ll love the Spark Energy Rewards program that gives free discounts every month.

Best Green Electric Rate Per kWh

Tomorrow Energy has a great option with their 12 Month Fixed plan. While the 6.89 cents per kWh rate means customers could pay about $7.20 more than if they remained with BGE, this plan uses 100% renewable energy. Customers can reduce their carbon footprint and support renewable energy in Maryland. The company also stands tall as one of the top three best customer-rated electric companies in the state. Customers specifically cited the company’s prompt customer service and consistently low rates.

Best Discounts, Competitive Electric Rates

Starion Energy rounds out our list with their Starion Secure 12 plan. The plan offers a risk-free alternative to BGE with no early termination fees or recurring charges. While the 7.39 cents per kWh rate means customers could pay a bit more than the BGE standard service offer, they will be compensated with the Starion Rewards program. This reward program offers up to $1,200 in savings per year on travel, dining, and shopping. The program also features a loyalty program that kicks in after 6 months offering items including $100 in shopping rebates.

Which Electric Plan is Best in Ellicot City?

After spending so much time and money on the holidays, it’s nice to receive something from your electric plan. That’s why smart energy shoppers in Ellicott City will choose their plans based on what’s most important to them. Spark Energy offers the lowest rates and a rewards program that offers monthly discounts on major stores and restaurants. Meanwhile, Tomorrow Energy’s plan offers the cheapest renewable energy available with competitive pricing and a record of satisfied customers. Lastly, Starion Energy compensates higher rates with a generous savings program and loyalty rewards that kick in after 6 months. Learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at

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