Cheapest Recommended Electricity Rates in Bethesda, MD

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Fall in love with low electricity rates Bethesda. Compare suppliers, whisper sweet nothings and find a committed relationship with the lowest electricity rates in MD!
Fall in love with low electricity rates Bethesda!
Compare suppliers, whisper sweet nothings and find a committed relationship with the lowest electricity rates in MD!

Compare 2020 Electricity Rates

Bethesda residents might be feeling the pinch from costly Valentine’s Day spending. For example, presents, fancy dinners, and vacations could ruin a monthly budget. But take heart because lower prices really are on the way! First, Maryland residential SOS rates set to decrease 12% starting this June. Plus, natural gas prices are below $2. With these rates and fuel costs falling, Maryland electricity suppliers will need to compete harder for customers. That means lower rates, but how to find them?

If you’re a Bethesda Pepco customer, pay attention! Now’s the time to start comparing these recommended electric plans to be watching for lower, competitive rates. These plans offer a variety of benefits that include low fixed-rates, renewable sources of power, and great rewards programs. Best of all, these prices may be the lowest they’ve been in years.

Highly-rated Electricity Supplier in Pepco Area

Titan Gas and Power has a great option with their 12 Month Fixed plan. On one hand, the plan offers a slightly pricier rate of 7.79¢ per kWh (for the average  consumption of 1,005 kWh, that comes to about $78.28 on monthly charges), but the company comes with a top 4 star rating after 43 reviews. Customers enjoy prompt customer service as well as deals and savings with the Titan Gas and Power Rewards program. Be warned, however, that customers need to choose a new plan or switch before the plan ends or they face moving to a variable month-to-month rate.

Compare Recommended Green Electricity Plans

Xoom Energy offers an excellent green option with their SimpleClean 12 plan. The plan’s rate of 7.09¢ per kWh equals an average monthly supplier charge of $71.25 in addition to a $110 early cancellation fee. On the other hand, the Xoom Energy Rewards program makes up for these costs with savings on shopping, dining, and travel as well as monthly gift card giveaways.

Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan offers 100% renewable energy at a 7.09¢ per kWh rate. Tomorrow Energy only offers green energy plans as well as a more affordable $75 early cancellation fee. In addition to this lower fee, customers appreciate the smooth transition process as well as the company’s open discussion of costs and customer service options.

Choosing the Right Maryland Electricity Rates

Each of the recommended plans offer unique benefits to energy shoppers. Titan Gas and Power’s 12 Month Fixed plan offers a quality rewards program and highly-rated customer service. Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan has affordable green energy and a clear message of service for their customers. Xoom Energy’s SimpleClean 12 plan is a great option if you want affordable green energy and an excellent rewards program.

Of course, not every plan is right for the same customer. To help you make the best choice it’s always best to learn more about plans and suppliers. You can learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at

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