Cheapest Electricity Rates in Germantown, MD

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Compare the cheapest Maryland electricity rates in the PEPCO service area and save money with low supplier plans.
Don’t sweat the cost! Enjoy your AC again! Get a predictable supplier plan and lower your monthly bill with the cheapest Maryland electricity rates.

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From June 1 until September 30, PEPCO’s Standard Offer Service (SOS) prices will be 7.01 cents per kWh, down from 8.29 cents per kWh in May. Since we’re about halfway through summer, which means many AC units are running full blast. That means even with the lower SOS rate, PEPCO customers are facing high bills. But, by shopping for better electricity rates now, Germantown residents may be able to save money by switching to a Maryland retail electricity provider.


According to this average monthly bill report, Maryland uses about 1,005 kWh of electricity per month. This means a monthly generation charge of about $70.45 for the four months. Beyond that, who knows? PEPCO’s SOS rates for winter begin in October and those have not been set, yet. And for many Germantown electricity customers during these uncertain times, that’s a problem.

Stable predictable pricing is major reason PEPCP customers shop for fixed electricity rates. Not only can you find fixed rate plans but many of the following offers either feature rates that are cheaper than PEPCO’s current SOS or offer benefits that compensate for any potential cost increase. Let’s check out some that you can switch to right now.

Cheapest Fixed-Rate Offer

Energy Harbor comes out strong with their Safe Harbor 6 plan. The 6.89 cents per kWh electric rate means that if residents subscribed in time for the June bill, they would pay $69.24 on generation charges. That’s $1.21 less per month than PEPCO before the October SOS rate change. The $25 early termination fee is also one of the lowest around, meaning it isn’t a huge ding to your wallet to switch early if a better deal comes along.

Best Risk-Free Electricity Rates

Starion Energy has two offers that may be perfect for anyone who wants low pricing and the freedom to switch at any time. The Starion Secure 6 plan offers a 6.99 cents per kWh rate (about $ 70.25 on generation charges per month) which saves you about .20 cents per month compared to PEPCO’s current SOS.

If you don’t mind paying more for renewable green energy, then their EcoGreen Secure 6 plan may be right for you. This plan charges a 7.29 cents per kWh rate (about $73.26 on generation charges per month) which is about $2.81 more per month than PEPCO’s current SOS.

Both plans also give subscribers access to the Starion Rewards program that offers rebates and discounts on shopping, dining, and travel. Neither plan has an early termination fee, which makes it safe to switch before six months if you find a better deal.

Electric Company with Excellent Benefits

Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan is another plan that’s worth checking out. The company compensates for the 7.29 cents per kWh rate (about $73.26 on generation charges), with several competitive benefits. The company offers an excellent refer-a-friend program that grants you and your friends $50 gift cards when they sign up. Customers will also enjoy their weekly energy usage emails to help with power management. While the plan’s contract has a high termination fee, it also offers a 90 day guarantee period where you can switch or cancel without penalty.  Starting this plan in July helps you avoid potential higher Maryland electricity rates from PEPCO’s new October rates.

Compare Germantown Electricity Rates

Germantown residents who want to switch from Pepco may want to consider these plans. Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 6 is the cheapest option available. Starion Energy’s Starion Secure 6 plan is cheaper than PEPCO’s current rate. Starion Energy’s  EcoGreen Secure 6 plan is the cheapest green energy available. Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan offers the longest term stable pricing and excellent programs and power management tools. You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing Maryland electricity rates and plans at

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