Cheapest 12 Month Plans in Silver Spring

Shop the cheapest 12 month plans and see how much you can save over Pepco's SOS rate. Summer heat is coming; shop now!

Save Big With Cheapest Electricity Plans

Shop the cheapest plans now and lock in low priced plans that beat Pepco's SOS. Save more on this hot summer's high AC bills.
Be ready for summer heat by saving more on your Silver Spring utility bills with the cheapest electricity plans. See how much you can save over Pepco’ SOS rate.

Right now, Silver Spring energy shoppers may be paying too much for their electricity. That’s because Pepco SOS rates are far too high. But consumers can find the best plans in town if they stop and shop right now! Let’s explore some of the cheapest 12 month plans in Silver Spring.

Compare SOS Rates

Pepco is currently charging 12.02 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). According to EIA reports, MD uses about 968 kWh of energy per month. This means a monthly supply charge of about $116 for Pepco SOS customers. Plus, keep in mind that the National Weather Service predicts that MD will see a hotter than normal spring season. So you could use more energy this summer for cooling, resulting in higher bills. That’s why you want to lock in the cheapest 12 month rate now to help you save.

Cheapest Silver Spring Plans

You might start with Tomorrow Energy if you want the cheapest energy rates in Silver Spring. Their 12 Month Fixed plan charges 9.89 cents per kWh for 100% renewable energy. This equals a monthly supply charge of about $95 ($21 less than Pepco). On top of supporting green energy, customers can take advantage of their rewards programs for shopping, travel, and dining discounts.

On the other hand, you might check out Constellation. Their 12 Month Home Power Plan charges 9.89 cents per kWh (or about $95 monthly supply charges). Constellation sends out regular energy usage emails to help you reach your energy saving goals. On top of that, our readers rank Constellation as having some of the best customer service in the state!

Best Customer Benefits And Incentives

You should also check out NRG Home and their 12 Month Home Electric Choice Plan. This plan charges 10.10 cents per kWh, which averages to a monthly supply charge of about $97 (about $19 less than Pepco). In addition to cheap rates, NRG Home does not charge an early termination fee. This makes it easy and cost-free to switch for cheaper rates that may come in the future.

You might also want to check out the Green Mountain Energy SolarSPARC 10% 12 plan. This plan brings renewable energy into your home for 10.50 cents per kWh (about $101 monthly supply charges). Besides saving about $15 per month compared to Pepco, this plan helps support Solar energy development.

Pet lovers should take a look at the Xoom Energy RescueLock 12 plan. This plan charges 10.59 cents per kWh, which averages to a monthly supply charge of about $102. Xoom Energy donates 5% of your monthly supply charges to PetSmart charities. In addition, their customers can find shopping, travel, and dining discounts via the Xoom Energy Rewards program.

Why You Must Shop Now

Last month, we talked about how the energy choice market has come under fire because of bad actors in the industry. While the bill intends to protect customers, energy experts believe that Maryland’s energy choice market may dissolve if the bill becomes law. This means that if you don’t act now, you may not see low prices like these anytime soon.

We’ll keep an eye on that story as it develops and will report it right here at You can also count on us as the best place to shop for the best energy deals in town!

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