Cheapest 12 Month Electricity Rates In College Park, MD

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Shop the best 24 month College Park electric rates. Compare these great plans for Maryland Homeowners and choose the one that's best for your home!
The best College Park electric plans not only have low rates but also and offer rewards. Compare these great plans and rates and choose the best one for your home!

Compare Electric Rates in College Park

By now, many College Park residents have taken a second look at their finances for the next few months. Many probably have found they are spending way too much money. Now, they could cut back costs by skipping on their dining out plans or postponing the newest movie releases. Some might even cancel some of their vacation plans. But what if you could keep doing the things you love and save money just by finding better electric rates?

Subscribing to 12-month plans from the best electricity companies in town can help you take advantage of lower winter energy bills this year and potentially save money on energy costs until 2021. Many of the plans from top rated energy companies even offer benefits and bonuses that can save you money on shopping, dining, and travel.

Let’s take a look at some of the great 12-month electricity plans that you can switch to right now. To keep cost estimates simple, we’ll use the EIA 2018 Average Monthly Bill average of 1,005 monthly kWh used by Maryland residents.

Lowest Electric Supplier Rates

APG&E offers the cheapest electricity option for College Park residents with their TrueSimple 12 plan. With a rate of 7.64¢ per kWh, the average resident would pay about $76.78 on generation charges until 2021. APG&E also offers a referral program that gives you $50 for every successful referral and a $100 bonus after 10 referrals.

Best Electric Supplier Rewards Program

Titan Gas and Power has a great option with their 12 Month Fixed plan. Its competitive rate of 7.69¢ per kWh means an average monthly generation charge of about $77.28. The plan also charges an early termination fee of $75 as opposed to $150 from some competitors. But the real star of the show is the TItan Gas and Power Rewardsprogram that gives monthly rewards for shopping and dining discounts as well as everyday deals with major retailers and brands.

Cheapest Green Rates per kWh

Starion Energy offers an excellent renewable choice with their EcoGreen Secure 12 plan. The plan comes without an early cancellation fee at the affordable rate of only 7.69¢ per kWh. That works out to around $77.28 in monthly generation charges. The Starion Energy Rewards program that offers up to $1,200 in savings per year on travel, shopping, and dining. The company also partners with major retailers to offer dining rewards, shopping rebates, and coupon cards.

Which electric plan and rate is right for you?

Many electricity suppliers are charging lower than average rates, but choosing the right one for you depends on the benefits that matter most to you. APG&E’s TureSimple 12 plan provides the lowest electric rates in College Park. Titan Gas and Power’s 12 Month Fixed offers an excellent rewards program and competitively low rates. Starion Energy’s EcoGreen Secure 12 plan offers affordable and risk-free green electricity and a rewards program that favors frequent shoppers and travelers. As you can see, the choice is yours.

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