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Hey BGE customers in Havre de Grace, your rates are rising! Check out these cheap short term electric rates to find your best bargain.
BGE customers in Havre de Grace have less than 6 weeks until their summer rates rise. Check out these cheap short term electric rates to find your best bargain.

Shop Electric Rates in MD

BGE customers are less than six weeks away from the summer rate hike. Higher rates means paying more for your electricity to keep cool this summer. But customers in Havre de Grace are shopping around for short term plans to cut down their high MD electricity bills. Check out these cheap short term electric rates in Havre de Grace to find your best bargain.

Compare current electric rates

Before shopping for better electric rates, you should know what the local utility is charging. Right now, BGE’s electric supply price 7.053 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This will rise to 7.188 from June 1 until September 30, 2021. Because of this price, it would cost a customer about 88 cents per month (90 cents starting June 1) to power an energy-efficient refrigerator.

But you can save money just by shopping these cheap short term electric plans. Let’s compare them to see which one best suits your family’s needs.

Cheap Maryland Electric Rates

NRG Home provides the best deal for short term savings. Their Electric Choice Plan 3 Month option charges 6.50 cents per kWh for three months of power. Not only does this rate power an energy-efficient refrigerator for only about 81 cents a month, but it would last from May through July. NRG Home also offers a $50 cash back electric bonus after 2 months of service.

Remember that when this plan expires, customers should switch or cancel because NRG will automatically roll you into a month-to-month plan.

Electric Rates Comparison

Starion Energy has two great short-term plans:

The Starion Secure 6 plan charges 7.39 cents per kWh. Meanwhile, their EcoGreen Secure 6 plan charges 7.69 cents per kWh. These plans would cost 92 cents and 96 cents respectively per month to power an energy-efficient refrigerator.

Starion Energy adds value to their plans with the Starion Rewards program. This program offers up to $1,200 in shopping, dining, and travel savings per year. The program also gives customers loyalty bonuses after six months that include shopping rebates and grocery shopping coupons. Both plans automatically renew you to a month-to-month rate so be sure to switch or cancel when the plan expiration notice arrives in the mail. The EcoGreen Secure 6 plan is also the cheapest short term renewable energy plan available to Havre de Grace customers.

Best Customer Service Electric Rates

Energy Harbor has a plan customers might like if they want highly-rated customer service. The Safe Harbor 6 plan charges a supply rate of 7.99 cents per kWh. Because of this rate, customers would pay about $1 a month to power energy-efficient refrigerators. The major benefit to this plan is the customer service, which customer reviews rates in the top two. If customers have a problem with their electricity, Energy Harbor has been show to respond fast and professionally.

Be sure to read and consider your options when the plan expiration notice arrives. You may want to renew or shop for another cheap short term electric plan.

Compare More Cheap Short Term Electric Rates

Choosing the best electric rates for your home is all about deciding what matters to your budget and needs. If you want the cheapest electricity for your home, then NRG Home’s Electric Choice Plan 3 Month plan is the best option. But if you want shopping discounts and renewable energy for your home, then consider Starion Energy’s EcoGreen Secure 6 plan.

You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates, plans, and provider reviews at

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