Can a Whole House AC Mini Split Save Me More?

AC mini split systems are small, efficient, and versatile. Find out what if one is right for your Maryland home this summer and if it can reduce your Maryland electricity bills.

Save And Stay Cool

AC mini split systems are small, efficient, and versatile. But there are costs. Learn if one can help you save money on your MD electricity bills.
Learn the pros and cons of an AC mini split system for your home. Learn if one can help you save money on your MD electricity bills.

MD electricity rates are rising in just a few weeks. That means higher electricity bills right before what may be a hot summer. So, many MD customers are searching for easy ways to cut down their bills. One way is to switch to AC mini split systems. But can whole house AC mini split systems really save you more?

What Is AC Mini Split

Ductless air conditioning systems or “mini splits” have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. These components provide air conditioning for a small space (like say a room), without needing duct work running through your home. In other words, they use less space, avoid energy loss through leaks, and save energy by not heating or cooling unused rooms.

Advantages of AC Mini Split Systems

But what might draw you to AC mini split systems?

First, these systems are very small and flexible. One outdoor compressor can handle up to four indoor units. And these four indoor units can operate independently of one another. This means you could keep your bedroom cool when you sleep and leave it alone while you’re in the living room. This is great for cutting down your high energy bills!

Second, these systems don’t need major duct work through your home. So they are often easier to install. And as a bonus, about 30% of energy consumption comes from energy loss through leaks or poor insulation. This also gives more design space to incorporate them in your home design.

Finally, ductless heating and cooling can lower your bills compared to electric resistance, propane, and standard heat pump systems.

Ductless System Disadvantages

Price is the main problem with ductless heating and cooling. Most systems cost anywhere from $1,500-$2,000 per ton of cooling capacity. This equals to about 30% more than central AC (not including ductwork). So if your home already has ducts, then central air might be the better call. And the upfront cost is almost twice as much as window units of similar capacity. So you have to choose if design is more important than cost.

More importantly, ductless units MUST be correctly sized for the intended space. If it’s too small, it won’t do the job you need. And if it’s too large, then you’re wasting money.

Will AC Mini Split Save Money

Whether an AC mini split will save you money depends on several factors. The upfront cost is greater than central air or window unit installation. But, it could save you money over the long term if installed correctly for your needs. So, be sure to check the cooling options for your home and remember to think long-term.

Meanwhile, you can keep your eyes peeled for the news that affects your bills right here at You can also shop for great plans and find ways to save money on lower electricity rates.

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