Biggest Seven LED Christmas Light Safety Tips

Your home's holiday LED light display may not only bring your joy but also savings on your MD electricity bill. Find out how to keep it safe, too!

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Holiday LED light displays may use much less energy but they still can be a dangerous electrical hazard. Learn what you need to know to stay safe!
You home’s holiday LED light decorations may use much less energy than incandescents but they still can be an electrical fire hazard. Check out our 7 tips to keep your home safe this Christmas!

The holidays are right around the corner and that means it’s about time for Christmas lights. And LED lights can cut costs, especially if you get power from the cheapest energy supplier in town. But you can stay festive and stay safe if you follow a few simple tips. Here’s seven LED light safety tips to help keep your Christmas safe.

Choose The Right LED Light Setup

Always choose the right LED lights for the job. Dry-rated LED lights are perfect to decorate your tree or the rooms in your home. But, wet-rated LED lights are what you need to decorate your home exterior. This is because wet-rated LEDs are tightly-sealed to prevent moisture from rain or snow from ruining your bulbs.

Also make sure you consider the mounting you use. While nails driven into your home can work, this can damage your home siding. So instead consider using mounting hooks and clips. Many of these attach to gutters and shingles or use adhesives that last all season long!

Finally, consider protecting your extension cords for all outdoor lighting. Be sure that your outdoor extension cords are waterproof. You should also check out cord plug protectors for extra protection.

Save Energy With LED Light

LED lights use less energy than incandescent bulbs. This means you can string more sets together. In fact, the Department of Energy says that you can connect up to 25 strings of LEDs end-to-end without overloading a wall socket.

If you want to avoid wasting energy, then try plugging your lights to a smart plug. You can set schedules with an app, so the lights are on only at nights or when you’re home to enjoy them. Some plugs even have built in photosensors that shut off at sun up and turn on at sun down.

General LED Light Storage And Safety

Before you put up your lights, take a moment to check your LED light strands for damage. This means checking for frayed wires, broken bulbs, or other signs of damage. Broken bulbs can be replaced, but strands with frayed wires should be disposed of.

Lastly, consider your storage solutions for after the holiday season. Avoid tangling your lights by rolling them up neatly. I recommend storing the neat bundles in plastic totes that can be left in a dry part of your attic or basement. This makes it more likely your lights can last for years to come.

Try LED Christmas Lights This Season

We hope that these tips can make your holiday season even brighter. After all, we here at do more than report the news that can affect your bills. Plus, remember drop by to shop for the cheapest electricity rates in town. Happy Holidays and see you in 2024!

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