Best Romantic Dinner To-Go in Baltimore

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Get our Valentine's Day recommendations on Baltimore's best romantic dinners to go for all budgets.
Want to enjoy the best romantic dinner at home with your S.O. on Valentine’s Day? Then now’s the time check out these to-go dinners available from Baltimore restaurants.

Turn Home into Best Romantic Restaurant

Cold weather and Covid have cut a lot of plans short all across Baltimore. But couples looking to celebrate the season of love don’t have to miss out on romance this year. So take a break from shopping for the best electricity rates and let’s talk about finding the best in-home romantic dinner in Baltimore.

What Makes Great Romantic Restaurant Dining

But what makes for great romantic dining at home? Besides great flavors and pricing, we want convenience. While the following restaurants aren’t the only ones you can choose from, they all can be found on Uber Eats, which is my preferred order out service. After all, I prefer to save energy for Valentine’s Day by having complete meals delivered direct.

A Classic Taste of Little Italy

Italian dining has always given me the right flavors for romantic dinners. Often times, these meals are flavorful enough to put me and my dates in a great mood, without being so messy we’d need a lot of cleanup. Little Italy in Baltimore had some of my favorite restaurants that I used to call for delivery all the time.

Spaghetti and other pasta dishes are one of my favorite romantic dining experiences. I’ll admit, I blame this on the classic scene in Lady and the Tramp. Whenever I am hungry for pasta, I like to order from Valentino’s. Great tasting pasta with good portions and pricing. Plus, as of this writing, they’re running a $5 off deal if you spend $20, which seems like a good deal for two.

But sometimes for a more casual and fun dining experience, pizza was always a great choice. Pizza Boli’s offers a great selection of premium pizzas and some of the better pricing that would deliver to my neighborhood.They also have fantastic stromboli if you’re in the mood for something heavier.

Fun Romantic Restaurant Near Me

For fun fruit and chocolate, order from Edible Arrangements. Some of my SO’s loved sitting down on movie nights plucking sweet juicy fruits from an edible bouquet. You can’t go wrong with the decadent mix of chocolate covered fruit offers either.

When my dates were in the mood for ice creams and shakes, I would often order from Holy Cow Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream. Besides the memorable mouthful of a name, the restaurant had some of my favorite shakes in town. Plus, you can’t go wrong with going full sweettooth and having ice creams and shakes to close out an evening.

Best Affordable Salads in Baltimore

Once, I got lost on my way to work and stumbled upon Silver Moon. Besides having a great lunch menu, it offers some of the best priced salads I’ve ever had. The ‘large salads’ have fresh ingredients and some lasted me for nearly a full work week of dinners. So if you and your date want cheap and tasty salads, you can’t go wrong with Silver Moon.

Choosing the Right Romantic Restaurant Experience

If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner at home with your S.O. on Valentine’s Day, then now’s the time to start planning. While some restaurants rely on delivery service, some will let you call ahead for a later pick up. All the same, you want to select the right dinner that will supply what you want with the most convenience at the best price.

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