Plans without cancel fees will let you shop and switch when spring energy prices dip!

Best MD Electric Plans Without Cancel Fees

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Compare Towson Electric Rates

Avoid paying cancel fees on these electric plans in Towson and enjoy being able to shop and switch whenever you like!
If you’re shopping for an electric plan in Towson now then remember that plans without cancel fees will let you shop and switch when spring energy prices dip!

The spring shoulder months are coming soon and electricity prices could dip. That means, electricity customers in Towson could shop for lower-priced fixed rate plans. However, many Towson customers with current fixed rate plans are required by their provider to pay a cancel fee to leave their contract early. Which is why smart energy shoppers look for cheap electricity rates that don’t charge them. Let’s take a look at the best MD electric plans that don’t charge cancel fees.

Why Shop MD Electric Plans

Currently, BGE’s price to compare (PTC) is 8.298 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) from now until May 31, 2022. This rate means paying nearly $12.50 to power an energy-efficient refrigerator for a year. BGE’s rate drops to 7.740 cents per kWh from June 1 through September 30, this year. With this rate, you could power an energy-efficient refrigerator for about $11.61 per year. So competitive retail electricity rates in Maryland may get cheaper. But the good news is that Towson electricity prices could dip just a little more around May or June when the weather warms up. Most homes will turn off their heaters and demand won’t be so high. It’s a great time to shop!

But if you’re shopping right now and only see high MD electricity rates, we have an easy solution. Shop for plans that don’t charge cancel fees. That way, you can switch to a cheaper rate when prices dip in the spring.

Cheapest Electric Rates Without Cancel Fees

For customers are most concerned with big savings, check out the plan from NRG Home. Their Electric Choice Plan 3 Month plan charges 7.90 cents per kWh rate for 3 months. This rate could power an energy-efficient refrigerator for about $11.85 per year. If you subscribed to this plan to start in March, you would save nearly 2 cents per kWh all the way through June and then shop for lower rates without worry because there’s no cancel fees. Of course, if you choose to stay with the plan to the end, it renews into a variable month-to-month product.

Best Clean Electric Choice

For customers who demand clean energy for their homes, check out Energy Harbor. Their Safe Harbor 24 plan charges 9.89 cents per kWh for low-carbon energy. This rate is equal to paying about $14.80 cents to power an energy-efficient refrigerator for a year. The main draw to this plan is supporting carbon-free power alternatives. In addition, Energy Harbor is the second best energy company in MD for excellent customer service. Their Safe Harbor18 plan has the same benefits and rates.

Because neither plan charges cancel fees, you can select the plan that best suits your long-term needs and cancel or switch when better deals show up.

Choose Best Rates Without Cancel Fees

Towson customers can still save money on power even in the short term. Right now, we recommend NRG Home’s Electric Choice Plan 3 Month plan. It has the best rate and no cancel fee if you decide to shop for a cheaper plan this spring.

Remember, you can shop lower rate plans plus pick up useful tips, and read customer reviews of other great Maryland electricity plans when you compare rates at

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