Best CES Smart Home Gadget Picks

Find out more about our favorite Best CES Smart Home Gadgets and how they could cut your energy usage.

Hot Smart Gadgets From CES

CES 2023 showed what smart innovations might be heading for your homes. Find out our picks that may save you money.
This year’s CES showed what smart innovations might be heading for Maryland homes. Find out our favorite picks that may save money.

Early this month, Las Vegas hosted the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The CES show always unveils some cool new tech, offering a peek into coming electronic innovations for smart homes. And this show was no exception. So let’s take a break from talking about electricity rates and check out our CES Smart Home Gadget Picks.

Best CES Smart Home Speakers

I enjoy hosting friends and family. And when I do, I like having clear and crisp stereo sound playing, hether it’s a Netflix watch party, board game night, or a general get together.Which is why the Brane X Wireless Speaker caught my eye.

The Brane Xt has new subwoofer technology to deliver some of the crispest sounds in a very compact design. The smart app lets you control the bass levels to match your room and mood. It supports Bluetooth, Apple Airplay support, and makes an excellent Alexa speaker. And it’s also waterproof and dustproof to boot.

Cool CES Laptop Device

I’m a hobby digital artist and can’t imagine trying to create with a one-screen setup. Which keeps me tied to my desktop PC when I want to create. That’s why I’m surprised the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is the first dual-screen laptop I’d ever seen.

This laptop is thin and light and comes with two OLED screens that you can put in several positions to match your needs. Stack them, put them side by side, or lay them flat like paper (my art preference).

The device presented at CES has some design kinks to work out. For example, window management between screens was a bit finicky and unintuitive. I’m also curious what the battery life might be. But this is still a device I WANT to see succeed.

CES Smart Home Energy Saving Device

We talked about how much energy usage comes from water heating. So I”m always looking for better ways to manage my water. And I think I like what the Moen Smart Faucet can do.

The faucet starts when you wave your hand in front. Which means far less water waste. You can also make temperature and volume presets for everything from noodles to coffee. Best of all, because it’s battery powered, it’s easy to install and won’t drive up your MD electric bills.

Favorite CES Home Gadget Pick

I’ll admit that I struggle with maintaining a regular sleep cycle. Some nights I need to keep my PC on to play soothing sounds to help me sleep, which is a problem since my room PC has colorful LED gamer lights.

This is where the Restore 2 comes into action. This smart clock uses light and sounds to help improve your sleep quality. Users can expect dimmed lighting in the evening and gradual sunrise like lighting in the morning. It also promotes morning routines to help you get out of bed.

Best of all, it should be launching soon as of the time of writing.

Consider CES Smart Home Gadgets

CES events are always fun to see. The new tech is cool to see and it’s fun seeing where the industry is focused at the start of the year. The devices above are just some that caught my eye.

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