Best CES 2024 Home Energy Savers Reviewed

Check out our reviews of the best new energy saving devices and gadgets from CES 2024.

Cool CES 2024 Home Energy Stuff

The best new energy saving technology just debuted at CES 2024. Learn how it may help you cut your MD energy bills.
CES 2024 showed off the best new energy saving and management technology for your home and elsewhere. We review our favorites!

By now, CES 2024 has long come and gone. But like last year, the event showcased a lot of really cool stuff that tech-heads are still talking about. So if you’re looking for help to cut your MD electricity rates further, check out my list for the best CES 2024 Home Energy Savers!

Best Camping Energy Saver

I am planning a lot of travel for the summer this year and that includes camping and road trips. So I was excited to see the Jackery Solar Powered Rooftop Tent. Jackery estimates that this tent can provide 5 kilowatt-hours of energy per day. To put that in perspective, an outdoor heater consumes about 1.5 kWh for four hours of use. This leaves plenty of power for other devices.

No firm price yet but the tent could sell for about $6000. But saving energy with green energy could be worth it, especially for outdoorsy types.

Smart Energy Control Panels

I recently outfitted my home with solar panels and batteries to help me cut down my energy bills. That’s why Savant took me by surprise with a cool “smart energy” system. By installing sensors and controllers in your breaker box, it gives you insight to how your home is using energy. For example, you can see if your home is using too much energy from the grid while you’re at work.

The app also offers control over my home’s energy usage with active management or preset modes. For example, the default “eco mode” uses more energy from my panels than from the grid to cut costs. While “storm watch” mode keeps batteries charged long before possible blackouts.

Best Mental Health & Energy Device

If you’re like me, you’ve had mornings where you just didn’t want to get out of bed. Even with a job to do, it’s not always easy to find that get up and go motivation. That’s why I was quite curious about Baracoda’s BMind device. This smart bathroom mirror has a sleek design and offers a lot of tools to incorporate mental wellness to your daily routine. The mirror offers weather reports, food recommendations, and daily affirmations to help your mood stay high. This is definitely one of the cooler uses of AI tech.

CES 2024 Voice-Activated Bidet

My jaw dropped when I saw this Kohler voice-activated bidet on the showroom floor. While I’m still not convinced I personally need this, I just had to talk about it. The bidet comes packed with adjustable sprays, drying, and UV cleaning. It comes with a remote but it can also connect to Alexa and Google Home so you can use voice activation for a truly hands-free experience. In short, you can feel like Number One when you go Number Two.

Look Out For Best CES Devices

Tech-heads like me look forward to CES. It’s fun to see what cool (and sometimes odd) devices are coming right around the corner. But after you check out the highlights of the show, be sure to come back to to shop for the cheapest electricity rates in town. You can also come here to catch all the news that could affect your Maryland energy bills.

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