Baltimore’s Best Irish Pubs for St. Patrick’s

Visit the best Irish pubs in Baltimore this Saint Patrick's Day!

Baltimore celebrates St. Patrick’s

Sample the best Irish pubs in Baltimore this St. Patrick’s Day for food, brews, music!
Sample great food, drink, music, and company at our favorite Irish pubs in Baltimore on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Baltimore is getting ready for the fun when the it St. Patrick’s Parade comes to town this Sunday. And that means busy streets, the Shamrock 5k Marathon, and people wondering about the best Irish Pubs in Baltimore. So let’s take a break from hunting down cheap electric rates to tour Baltimore’s best Irish pubs for the St. Patrick’s celebrations.

Baltimore’s Irish History

Tourists and visitors might not know why Baltimore has had the St. Patrick Parade annually for over 60 years now. As it turns out, the Irish are a major part of Baltimore’s history.

In 1880, the foreign-born population of Baltimore was about 24.6% Irish. Most of the city’s Irish-American residents lived in Hampden, Canton, Highlandtown, Fell’s Point, and Locust Point. Because of this, 1920 census statistics show that about 10,240 foreign-born persons in Baltimore spoke an English or Celtic language. And after a little more than a century, Irish-Americans are about 6% of the population in Baltimore. So, with all this history, it’s little wonder there are several amazing Irish pubs operating in the city of Baltimore.

Compare Best Irish Pubs

Pub-goers want comfort and great food when they want the Irish pub experience. Because whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not, they are great places to relax.

Mick O’Shea’s is often top of the list in Baltimore. This pub has excellent food, Thursday specials, and that Irish atmosphere that you can feel as soon as you walk in. The bar opens at 10am on St. Patrick’s Day and will feature live music by Gaelic Mishap at 6pm with no cover. I recommend starting with the Ploughman’s Platter or French Onion Crock.

On the other hand, soccer fans might prefer Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant. This pub has excellent food at great pricing and has a lovely waterfront location in Fell’s Point. Soccer fans love going there to root for their favorite teams. You’ll find plenty of TVs if you drop by during game day. I’ll admit, I love their corned beef sandwiches and the traditional Irish breakfast.

Cheapest Outdoor Irish Dining

Sometimes there’s nothing better than great food on a sunny day. And if the weather’s perfect on St. Patrick’s Day, then you will enjoy the Tir Na Nog Irish Bar & Grill. This pub serves some of the best Shepherd’s Pie and Fish and Chips I’ve had in town. And since it’s right on the Harbor, it’s a popular break point for sightseers. And that means it’s got that tourist energy going for it. Just remember, it usually opens at 4pm on Thursdays.

Best family-owned Irish Pubs

A lot of Irish Pubs have history, but few hit that “family-owned feel” quite like Claddagh Pub. The pub opened in the mid 90’s and has become a major part of Canton’s revival. It’s got a classic look, friendly staff, and everything on the menu goes well with a good pint. I usually order the crab dip followed by the shrimp platter.

Best St. Patrick’s Irish Pubs

There are a lot of great Irish pub options in Baltimore. But if you’re coming out for the parade or St. Patrick’s day fun, make sure you get there early. I always recommend Mick O’Shea’s but all of these pubs have something special to offer.

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