7 Ways to Make Your Fall Move Smoother in Baltimore

A fall move across the state or down the street can be a nightmare. Let us help keep yours smooth and effortless with our guide.

Plan For A Smooth Fall Move

A fall move across town or down the street can be hard and stressful. Keep your Baltimore move effortless and smooth with our 7 steps.
There’s always a thousand things to remember to do when you move in the fall. But don’t worry! Keep yours effortless and smooth with our 7 steps that help you save!

Now that the weather is mild, many homeowners are considering making their move before winter. But moving is a huge investment of time that can be very stressful. However, there are a lot of things you can do to make your next move a breeze. So take a break from thinking about electricity rates and check out how you can make your fall move smooth in Baltimore.

Do This Before Moving Day

  • Sort Your Stuff
    Take some time to look through your possessions. You might be surprised by how much stuff you have that you never use. Especially if you’ve been updating your gear with brand new smart devices. If you don’t need or want it, then be sure to get rid of it. You could give it to charity or friends, sell it online. You can even call to schedule a bulk pickup.
  • Consider Multiple Trips
    Here’s a tip I learned from my mom growing up. If you aren’t moving too far away, then consider making several smaller trips. Things like summer clothes or paintings can be carried in your car and left at the house. Most importantly, renting a moving truck can cost anywhere from $20-$100 a day depending on the size of the truck.
  • Contact Your Utilities
    Make sure you reach out to all your utilities at least one-two months ahead of the move. Internet, cable, and phone providers might be able to transfer services and have bills forwarded to the new address. Your Maryland energy company might be able to do the same or schedule a cancellation so you don’t get billed for service you no longer need.
  • Contact Your Electricity Supplier
    Most Maryland electricity suppliers will be happy to transfer your service if you are moving to a new address that still within your utility’s service area. To make that go smoothly, contact your electricity supplier 15 days before your move. But if your move takes you into a different service territory, you can cancel your contract without paying a hefty early termination fee. Be sure to check your plan’s terms and conditions to be sure.

Save On Energy Costs

If your move takes you to a new utility service area, then learn what their standard offer service rate is. This way, you can use that amount to help you shop for the cheapest energy plans with the best promotions in town.

Remember, too, that changing old habits is never easy. But moving is the perfect excuse to start new energy saving habits. This could be as simple as buying energy-efficient thermostats to help you save more on your monthly electricity bills.

Stay Stress-Free On Moving Day

  • Alert Your Neighbors
    Give your neighbors at least two weeks notice ahead of your move. They might be willing to take things you don’t need and have trouble selling. They can also make plans to stay out of the way on moving day. With any luck, your movers won’t have to navigate around a packed parking lot making everything easier.
  • Make Time For Treats
    You’ll likely be exhausted by the time the move’s all done. So make sure you do something nice for yourself. For example, I’m fond of dining out for my first dinner after moving to a new home.

Good Luck With Your Fall Move

If you’ve ever moved before, then you know how stressful it can be. But a little prep can do wonders on making everything nice and smooth. Once you move make sure you shop around for the best energy plans in town. And there’s no better place to shop then https://www.mdenergyratings.com. You can also check us out for all the news affecting your electricity bills.

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