Shop This 12 Month Electricity Rate In Baltimore

Get a low 12 month electricity rate in Baltimore before plan prices increase further! Shop these plans now!
Maryland’s energy rates are rising! Shop these 12 month electricity rate plans for Baltimore NOW and find a low-price electric plan today!

Beat Winter Electricity Rates

According to this average monthly bill report MD customers use 957 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month. But add in the holiday lighting and winter heating, and most customers will use more electricity these next few months. That all means converts to pay higher monthly energy bills. Unfortunately, Baltimore customers can expect winter energy bills to cost 30% more this year. But Maryland consumers may be able to avoid high MD electricity bills if they act now. That means you need to shop a great 12 month electricity rate in Baltimore now. Let’s find the lowest electricity rates that also come with value-adding benefits.

Cheapest Electricity Rates

Right now, the lowest 12 month electricity rate is also the greenest plan. Customers that want to help should look over Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan. Tomorrow Energy charges 10.41 cents per kWh, which equals an average monthly supply charge of about $99. In addition to supporting clean energy, the company works with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree after every 3 months of service.

However, Tomorrow Energy’s terms of service includes a $75 ETF. In addition, the plan renews into a month-to-month variable rate.

Low Price, More Flexibility

The next lowest priced 12 month electricity rate is Major Energy’s Secure Choice 12. Currently priced at 10.79 cents per kWh, there’s no recurring monthly charge and no ETF. That means you can snag a low priced 12 month electricity rate now and then switch to a cheaper plan if rates dip in the spring. That way, you won’t pay a penalty. When the plan expires, MajorEnergy will notify you what options they will offer you. All the same, be prepared to shop to find a better deal.

Price Stability When You Need It

The last 12 month plan to look over is the Spark Secure 12 from Spark Energy. At 10.79 cents per kWh, the rate is the same as the Major Energy plan but this one comes with a $100 ETF.  Though less flexible, however, compared to other providers, Spark Energy appears to be less reactive to price swings. So, their rates seem to stay stable over time. This way, if other provider rates take off suddenly before you make a choice, Spark will probably continue to offer great competitive prices. And when your contract expires, they will notify you about how to renew your plan. All the same, be ready to shop for a better deal at a lower price with better flexibility.

Best 12 Month Electricity Rate in Baltimore

Winter energy bills are expected to rise. So now is the time to shop for the best electricity rates. Right now, Tomorrow Energy is offering the lowest price 12 month plan. And it’s also green! But with so many companies competing for your dollar, rates can change. So keep shopping and stay tuned!  Remember, you can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates, plans, and provider reviews at

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